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Ppc & Adwords Management - Improving Ctr By 82%!

Feb 2, 2008
We're about to discuss a set of strategies used by the best Adwords Management Pros to improve CTR by 82%, and lower click costs by 37%. These are averages - we've seen results even better than this on many occasions!

1. Continuous Ad Testing

Your Ad and Landing Page should be constantly tested for possible improvements. Proprietary tools exist for ensuring stastical significance in the shortest possible time, so that your CTR and ROI can skyrocket rather quickly. The best Adwords Management Companies make daily use of these tools.

Due to the time it takes to perform this analysis daily, as it should be, many smart advertisers outsource this kind of task to an Adwords Management Company.

3. Keyword Research

Have you looked at the keywords being used by your top 5 competitors, as well as the top ranked websites in the organic search results?

A lot of lower-cost traffic can be had easily by building lists of 6,000 or more keywords using strategies like this, and others. This is a critical foundational step to success!

There are quite a number of excellent, though costly, tools that Adwords Management Companies use to do this efficiently.

An additional important keyword strategy is to employ and test broad, phrase, and exact matching of each keyword.

3. Adgroup and Campaign Organization

In today's pay-per-click environment it's absolutely critical to include your precise keyword in your ad and on your landing page... which usually means very tightly-focused ad groups.

Now when you have a keyword list of 2,000 keywords as suggested above, it becomes quite tedious to develop almost that many ad groups and ads and landing pages to meet this requirement. Again, that's why smart advertisers are turning to AdWords Management Professionals to provide this service.

Additional yet extremely important tasks include the tracking of conversions to the keyword level, making necessary changes to effectively utilize the Content Network, and managing bids on a weekly basis.
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Daniel Falk delivers aggressive Google Adwords Account Management using strategies that typically lower our clients' click costs by 37% or more. More strategies are revealed at Adwords Management
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