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Top 10 Tips To Sales Success

Feb 2, 2008
1) ALWAYS top-down sell. I can't say how many time's I've observed someone loosing more revenue simply because they didn't ask for the max subscription or term of their product/service. You'll find not all customers are concerned about prices since they can use what they spend with you as a tax break on their business.

2) Start the pitch with a larger value products and if we can't close the big sale, follow up with a smaller product.

3) Get into the habit of not using the word 'hundred' when giving a customer a price. Hundred has a 'large amount' connotation to it. Rather than saying 'one hundred and nineteen dollars and 50 cents.'

Use: It's ONLY one-nineteen fifty for the year.' And follow up with features, functions and benefits of multi-year/unit purchasing.

4) Set your sights and expectations high! Imagine yourself where you want to be at the end of the day and that's where you be!

5) ALWAYS break down price to the smallest metrics. Example: Describe a hosting package as $9.96/month initially.

6) Handling resistance is the key to successful sales. ALWAYS handle resistance on multiple terms and initial sales pitches. If everyone always took NO for an answer then no one would be meeting their goals. You'd be surprised how many customers change their minds after they here the benefits of a product.

7) A sale is happening on every call. Either a customer is selling you on a reason not to buy, or you're selling them on the reasons why they should be buying.

8) Stay away from words/terms such as MORE, EXPENSIVE or COST when relaying the price of a product to the customer. Always precede a price by the word ONLY, even if it's a price like $4,454.90.

9) Using a customer's name throughout a sales pitch can help build rapport and create a more positive experience. Although it may seem simple, you'd be surprised how it can change the tone of a conversion. EXAMPLE: 'Jim, do you know how much are you paying for this service with [company name]

10) Every customer has dynamic needs so we must make our pitches dynamic. Stay away from 'canned' or repetitious pitches. Imagine what your needs are in your everyday life. Let's say you play guitar and you just pick up a brand new one. You think it's the best guitar you've ever played and you tell your friends about how great it is. You're not trying to sell it to them, but the conversion itself is fluid and pushes the features, functions and benefits of the guitar. They in turn may end up buying it if the time comes.

Remember, Yyu have to act like your not selling anything to the customer, but recommending to the client. You are simply there to help them find the right solution. Nobody is going to buy anything, they are simply going to reflect on the recommendation they received. Always remember, sales is not the word. recommending is. Your goal is making them believe your helping them, not pressuring them. But don't be to passive. Some aggression is needed to succeed.
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