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Renegade Network Marketer - How To Break Down The Barriers Between You And Your Prospect

Feb 2, 2008
The principles of attraction marketing are foreign to most network marketers yet, by applying them to their business promotion stragies, there is little doubt even the most stagnant MLM business can be kick-started into growth.

Ann Sieg brought the concept of attraction marketing to the table for MLMers in The Renegade Network Marketer during 2007 and although it was met with a lot of resistance within the industry, smark network marketers are starting to reap the benefits.

How Can Attraction Marketing Help Your MLM Business?

Without a doubt, most people hate being sold to; you walk into a used car lot and before you can take a breath a salesperson emerges from nowhere telling you how great you'll look driving away in that little two-door number.

Attraction marketing is more about getting to know your prospect and developing a relationship with them. Instead of charging at them like a "bull-at-a-gate" with your primary business offer, instead, offer them limitless value before you even think about talking business with them.

For example, a renegade network marketer will begin the pre-sell process immediately a prospect comes into their funnel. The training begins immediately whether your prospect joins your business or not. This concept is foreign to most MLMers.

It's called giving value. You start the guidance and advice from the beginning; not the arm bending tactics of "you should join my business now because it's the greatest comapny, has the best compensation plan and the world's greatest life changing products."

Try these tactics and your prospect will put on their running shoes just to get away from you. They're cold and have no place in network marketing. Put yourself in your prospect's shoes and ask yourself if this is the way you want to be introduced to a business opportunity?

Instead, by offering to help them with anything they need to know, give them a free report they can use and will find valuable, teach them the advantages of doing business via the internet, just about anything that will brand you as someone who knows what they're talking about and you find the barriers that existed at the start of your relationship will gradually wither away.

The result? You suddenly become important to your prospects future business plans in fact, you become someone they will most likely want to do business with. You've established yourself as an authority in your prospect's eyes and someone they like. And people want to do business with people they like.
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