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Eight Tips To Help You Choose An Idea For Your Website

Feb 3, 2008
Running a website can be enjoyable and profitable at the same time. You may have the entrepreneurial drive to start your own business online but struggle with coming up with an idea for your site. Here are some proven tips to help choose an idea:

1. Make a huge list of topics that interest you and choose the area that you have the most passion. When you are passionate about a subject, it is more enjoyable to build and update your website. Additionally, your content will sound more personal and interesting when you write with enthusiasm. Many successful website owners claim it was there passion for the subject that made their site successful. Look for interests by considering your hobbies, job skills, topics of interest in newspapers, favorite television shows, products that you personally buy, new trends or fads, or anything else you find interesting.

2. Take a popular subject (that interests you) and come up with a unique twist that separates your site from the other sites. You could make tutorials, update visitors on the latest news on the subject, review new products, compare prices between existing products, have a forum, create a blog with your own unique perspective, write your own articles, and more.

3. Find a popular website and add something additional that makes the site even better. For example, the creator of Craigslist took the model of paid classified ads and made them free. The founder of Digg was a Slashdot user, but felt users should be able to approve submitted links instead of just editors. While visiting your favorite sites, try to think of features that would make that site better.

4. Think of something you're good at and build a site based on it. If you're funny, then you could create a humor site. If you are a good cook, then post videos of preparing specific meals. If you give good advice, then create an advice site on relationships, friendships, managing money, or whatever area you feel skilled. People are constantly looking for unique and fresh information on the web, which you may be able to offer them.

5. Develop your own product to sell. Maybe you've had a great idea for a new product and just haven't taken any action yet. The web is a great place to market products to interested buyers. You could advertise your product, for example, using Google adwords or on other related sites on your subject. For ideas on products, one great place is to check out forums and see what problems people face in this area and then develop a solution.

6. Make a blog on yourself. Maybe you live an interesting lifestyle and think website visitors would find your life equally as interesting. If you're not shy, then share your life experiences or inner thoughts. Blogs also allow visitors to comment on your posts so you may actually learn something from your blog as well.

7. Take a popular subject of interest and choose a niche. Having a focus on your site can help prevent feeling overwhelmed about what to write. A niche website can also stand out from general topic websites and result in targeted visitors who will be more interested in your content.

8. Have paper and a pen handy during the day to jot down ideas that come to mind. If you're like me, I have actually come up with ideas in the past but soon forgot about them. These ideas can come to you while going about your day without even consciously trying to choose a topic. It's best to write them down as soon as possible.

Try out these tips and you should be well on your way to building your new site!
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