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Students, Teachers And Parents Benefit From The Internet

Feb 3, 2008
Imagine a teacher who's asking her primary students to create an image of a farm, the animals and the vastness of nature's world wonders; their school is situated in a highly urbanized city with concrete roads and lengthy flyovers, tall buildings and skyscrapers; the most branded boutiques lay along the bustling streets of a marvelous light-filled and designed place. Not to put down their ability to be imaginative and creative but that would be a little difficult for the class. The Internet has revolutionized how teaching is accomplished nowadays. It has pros and cons but it is best to look into the pros to help the teacher and the student make good use of such resource.

Students can definitely enjoy enormous benefits with the use of Internet to supplement their education. By browsing different websites, they have rich access to any information necessary for school work. They can explore and discover what the world has to help them with their education. These include libraries, museums and other archival collections that belong to the other side of the world. Communication is one special feature that allows them to connect with the world. They can talk to international students to learn different cultures, language and their lifestyle. Diversity will be opened up through the doors of the Internet. Communicating with them allows a sharing of solutions, concepts, ideas and feedback responsible for research work and field studies. Furthermore, it will allow them to produce or publish their work in an easy-to-access form.

Teachers on the other hand benefit from the use of the Internet because they have such a flexible tool to cater to their students. A wide-screened monitor connected to the computer may show what the teacher plainly describes with words something vague enough for students to comprehend. It becomes an effective visual aid that pictures out how a procedure could be done or how a process is accomplished since the Internet contains these information. The burden of administrative works, copying and printing will in no doubt lessen because what they potentially need can be accessed at any given time. Teachers will have more of their time, effort and attention to their students thus allowing for more interactive discussions and meetings.

Parents, on the other hand, though it seems they would less likely benefit from this, is an idea that goes all wrong. What will be available to their children through access to world libraries could also be available to them thus allowing both to learn from each other. If parenting information is what they need, this is also available online and retrievable at any time. Parents can assist kids with their homework thus allowing both to still spend quality time together.

The Internet is one great tool that fosters independence among students, it inspires teachers to offer more and it encourages parents to help their children find educational resources. There are negative connotations to its use but a good amount of discipline imposed on the kids' time and usage and as well as security features in placed on the computer to restrict their access can absolutely disprove those negative reasons and feelings towards the Internet.
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