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Starting A Home Based Business Without Falling For Scams, Liars, And Misinformation

Feb 3, 2008
So the work from home bug has finally gotten to you. You might have spoken to a friend or family member who for years has had an enjoyable hobby and just recently started to actually make some money with the fruits of this labor. Perhaps you have an acquaintance that is trying to recruit you into his nutritional supplement multi level marketing business and is pestering you to set up a presentation in your home. Then again you might have met someone at a party who quietly spoke of making a bit of extra money on the side so as to afford a nice vacation once a year without causing a strain on the family budget. All of these approaches have one thing in common: starting a home based business!

Given the sheer volume of possibilities you may realize when it comes to working from home, it is not surprising that the 'Net seems to offer a never ending supply of websites that offer advice, suggestions, business opportunities, and unfortunately also get rich quick schemes which may impoverish you but make rich the person to whom you pay your money. For a newbie it is hard to differentiate between the legitimate and the obviously slanted that is designed to merely fish the money out of your account.

Starting a home based business without falling for scams, liars, and misinformation is not easy, but by knowing the warning signs and what to look out for you will have a fair shot at separating the wheat from the chaff.

* Unsolicited emails, also known as SPAM, that invite you to partake of a great business opportunity or work from home scheme should be avoided. Do not click on the links of sign up for any products. After all, if the website owner had to spam you just to get you to look, think of what you will have to do in order to turn a profit!

* Websites that tout a great business opportunity and seem to go on forever in a variety of changing fonts and font sizes, aptly supplemented with graphics of smiling moms holding dollar bills or nice cars and houses, yet leave you wondering at the bottom of the page what this business opportunity is all about will try to sell you something, but not necessarily a great business opportunity. Instead it may be an e-book, a training course, an email list of franchisers who will accept zero down franchisees, or a list of businesses that are looking for work from home freelancers. More than likely the names on the lists are old, outdated, or contrived to such an extent that the business has no use for freelancers or franchisees or conversely may have done business in that manner a long time ago, but since then has moved on and changed the way of doing business.

* Websites that offer reproductions of the webmaster's checks or bank account statements are usually fraudulent. Remember that anybody can make up a check graphic!

* Any business opportunity that wants to run a complete credit check on you before giving you anything in return should be eyed with suspicion.
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