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Top 10 Search Engine Rank and How to Drive Traffic to Your Site!

Aug 17, 2007
Without traffic, you do not make sales, and your online business fails. This is a simple fact that anyone considering or already involved in internet marketing should know.

The search engines' objective is to deliver to a searcher the most relevant results pertaining to their inquiry. For you as an internet marketing entrepreneur, the goal is to achieve a good flow of qualified traffic to your website. You must do your work - ensuring that your website has unique, useful and accessible content; and search engines will just pick your internet marketing business URL and send you traffic, boosting your internet marketing business.

In order for your internet marketing business to succeed, you must ensure that while designing or creating your website, you have the goal in mind to create a website that is optimized to get the traffic your business will need.

Although you can use various types of paid advertising, search engines are your cheapest and best source for targeted and organic traffic, which would boots your sales and internet marketing profits. In spite of this important fact, a lot of internet marketing entrepreneurs do not realize the importance of building their sites with search engine mind - some just build their websites without even thinking about how they are going to get traffic to their websites. For you to succeed in internet marketing, to get traffic and make sales, you will need more that a nice-looking website. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on how the site looks, at the expense of how it works.

So, what exactly must you do or not do to make sure that your internet marketing business' URL is found by search engines, and that you get free targeted traffic sent to your web site?

1. You must have unique and useful content, and you must regularly update your internet marketing business website with fresh distinctive content. Your website must contain adequate volume of information relevant to the products and services that you offer. Is the information it well organized? Is it easy to get to?

2. You must use keywords effectively. During the design of your website, this is a very critical factor to consider if you want to succeed in internet marketing. Select the precise keywords and prospective clients will find your website. You must not just search out a long list of words which are indistinctly and imprecisely related to your website's theme or products and then filling them into a Keyword meta-tag. Instead, to effectively develop effective keywords for your website, you must think about this in terms of what products or services you sell on your site, and how prospective clients are currently looking for it. If you master this, then you will develop keywords that will effectively help search engines find you and send traffic to your website.

3. You must have your own paid website hosting. If you are committed to succeed in your internet marketing business and increasing traffic through being easily found by search engines, you must not use free hosting.

4. All your links on your website must be functional. This is an obvious thing, but sometimes internet marketing business owners do not check their websites to make sure that there are no missing website links. Check every page of your website for completeness of all your website contents, namely missing links and graphics among others.

5. You must understand how the various search engines work. Search engines are different in how they operate, and sometime they do change over time. If you want to be visible on search engines, you must know the regulations of the major search engines, and you must regularly check that these rules are still the same.

6. You must not try to trick search engines. This is the deadly mistake which internet marketers commit. Well, it's just not worth it, so do not try it. By trying to trick search engines, you can get your website or page de-listed, downgrade or even banned. Here are the key things which search engines can consider to be trickery, which you must not do:

7. Do not use the same keywords over and over again.

8. Do not use keywords which you think is 'popular' or 'trendy' but are not related to your website. Just because you have a word that is well-searched for and popular on your website; if it is not related to your website's theme, then it will not help you with your website's visibility.

9. Do not take pages, icons and texts from other pages to use on your own page - this is unethical and it creates duplication content.

10. Do not try and hide your keywords or phrases by making them hidden or invisible.

For your internet marketing business to succeed, you will need visitors to your website. The more visitors you receive, the more sales you make. Before you start your internet marketing business, you need to consider the factors outlined above. If you just build a nice looking website without taking into account the factors outlined above, then you will not be visible on search engines, and you will not get what your internet marketing business needs most to succeed - traffic.
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