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Feb 3, 2008
Blogging seems to have taken over the world and let me tell you this it is highly addictive. I started some years ago in this business now and am completely obsessed with making my blogs perfect.

I have had some steep learning curves over the years and I just want to go over some of the best practices I have learnt when making a successful blog.

1-You must be prepared to update it on a daily basis. This will not only help you with the all important search engines but it will also give your readers something new to read each day.

2-Make sure you research keywords and decide which are going to be best to optimize your site with.

3-Use the keywords in the title of your blog.

4-Use the keywords in the posts of your blog. However dont do this for every single post as google may think you are keyword stuffing and chuck your site in the sandbox.

5-Optimize your blog with relevant ads, the biggest system is obviously adwords. As your blog starts pulling in more visitors you may want to include some affiliate links.

6-Research your subject often as your readers will expect you to be ahead of the game in that area.

7-Try and give your posts a personal touch if you do not you may lose readers.

8-Make sure you promote your site feed and this can be done easily through feed burner.

9-Make sure your site can be easily navigated. Use labels or categories to point your visitors towards relevant information.

10-YOU MUST get back links to your blog. Without these all important links your site will not rise in the search engines and you will not make any money. A good way to get backlinks is to visit relevant blogs and leave comments with your URL in the signature.

11-Also when backlinking you must use relevant anchor text. You need to tell google what your site is about and what keywords you want linking to it.

You must follow these basic rules to even give your blog a chance at success. It will not happen straight away and you may need to wait at least 4 months for a significant amount of visitors but the reward will come. Only attempt one blog at a time until you have a successful one. The work load of running multiple blogs that make no money will wear you down and ultimately you will give up.
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Tim has been making money online for over 3 years and has expertise in the areas SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Blog revenue. If you want to learn how to earn money online then visit his site Money Making Truth for free advice and resources.
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