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5 Steps to a Situational Learning Process for IOVC Strategy and Technology

Feb 4, 2008
In the ever changing, fast paced world of business, you need to keep up with the latest business paradigms and technological trends to keep your business profitable, expanding, and ahead of the competition. Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or have been in the business for a long time, the onslaught of business and new technologies can be overwhelming.

The volatility of local and international business markets dramatically affects our economy. The face of the job market has changed. The amount of change is staggering and the pace is never ending. A career no longer signifies a stable and secure job that will last you until retirement. Factors such as downsizing, rightsizing, retiring baby boomers, baby boomers who are not interested in retiring, generation X, changing cultures, and internationalization have all contributed to the volatility of the market and have significantly changed the way in which people interact and learn their business.

This means we are faced with rampant change whether we want it or not.

This current and projected job and business market defines a continuing chaotic business environment where competition for a business or a career is very tough and the need to learn and relearn is never ending. To get into an internet business is a great career and business choice. It is simple and pretty easy to get started but requires stamina and direction to make it a profitable business venture. You need a directed internet based strategy and technology approach that is designed with the correct focus that will help you get an edge on your business competition.

The IOVC strategy and technology process approach is designed to help you weather the storm. IOVC Strategy and technology is a strategic approach to developing your business supported by a set of interconnected and related technologies. With IOVC strategy and technology you need education in the use of internet, office, voice and client attraction technologies that use internet base solutions.

To learn this methodology, start a process that let's you systematically learn IOVC strategy and technology as it will help dramatically increase your absorption of these materials. To learn these new challenges use an IOVC learning strategy termed LAMPS that encompasses the following 5 steps.

1. First you LEARN about the situation and gain usable knowledge

2. Then you ACTIVATE the process of working within your business situation

3. You then MOTIVATE the team and yourself to realize the value of the current situation

4. Then you and the team PARTICIPATE in the planning, design and deployment of the IOVC strategy and technology solution

5. You experience SUCCESS that will be recognized due to a situational learning approach

Because success is mandatory in your business venture, it is proposed that in addition to using the LAMPS approach that you find a technology coach that can help you apply some real world hands on learning. You learn by observation and you learn by trial and error. Making mistakes is acceptable and makes learning easy and fun.

So don't reinvent the wheel, use and apply an internet based solution like IOVC strategy and technology to start and build your business. Then to learn it, use a LAMPS approach to ensure what you learn sticks and works for your learning style.

Finally because success is mandatory in your business life, get a technical business coach to ensure success in building and maintaining your business.
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