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Hot Tips To Generate Profitable Information Products! Part Ii

Feb 4, 2008
In Part I, I told you why electronic information found online is better than a book from a bookstore. New business owners are surprised to discover how easy it is to sell information products - it's an extraordinary way to make money online! In this article, I'll give you five tips to help you generate profitable info products.

Tip 1: Think of what your customer is giving, and what he is getting in return.

Your customer is spending his hard-earned money on your information product. Make it worth his while! Wouldn't you trade, say, $47 for information that would help you make $4700 a day? Of course, you would that's a great deal!

Your customer would probably trade $47 for information which clearly explains how to do something, saving them two days of frustration. On the other hand, they probably don't want to spend $47 on cute stories about my children or recipes for chicken. Offer them something of value - give them a real deal!

Tip 2: Try to include one or more of these angles in any information product.

Think about what your customers really want, and how your product meets those needs. Include one of these "hooks" in your information product by filling in the blank to the following sentence: My product will help you to:

earn more money

save their money

use their time wisely

avoid common pitfalls

If you can include one or more of these angles in an information product, you will have a real winner on your hands!

Tip 3: Break It Down For Them

If you have a 150 page ebook, consider breaking it up into three 50 page ebooks. Everyone likes to get more value and it feels more satisfying to get three different ebooks rather than one fat one. It feels like you are getting more for your money.

Tip 4: Make the Purchase a "No-Brainer" - Add Bonus Material!

OK, so you have an information product ready. Now go out and look for a few similar products that you can offer as bonuses. Now your customer is getting a $47 e-book plus $500 in bonuses which he can download and read at his leisure. These bonuses don't cost you anything, and they are easily delivered. Plus, you gather even more email addresses for your growing list - after all, you need their email to send them the bonus material!

Tip 5: Don't Forget Your Early Clients!

Too many online business owners make this mistake - they chase new clients relentlessly, while neglecting their current clients. Over time, those clients trickle away. Don't let that happen to you. Take steps to ensure their continued loyalty, which they have already demonstrated by being your customer in the first place.

So, start with a niche. Ask that niche what they want. And then start creating information products that satisfy the itch they are ALREADY telling you they have. It is a blast and you will achieve expert status in your niche in no time at all!
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