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Legitimate Dropshippers - How Do You Find Them?

Feb 4, 2008
Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular these days. There are many people that have started making a really good income from dropshipping. Dropshippers are everywhere. You just need to know where to look. Here are some different ways that you can find the dropshippers that you want to work with.

One: The easiest way to find dropshippers is to go to any major search engine and type in dropshippers or something along those lines. This will give you a lot of results that you can start looking through. If you know what product you want to sell then it will be a lot easier for you to find dropship companies that you can work with. Otherwise, you will have to search the different websites until you find a product that you want to sell.

Two: You can go to a dropship or wholesale directory to find dropshippers to work with. These directories will charge you a small fee to use it but they are not charging you to work with the dropshipping company. They are charging you because they have put together a lot of dropship companies into one easy to search place so you don't have to do as much searching.

Three: Another way of finding dropshippers that a lot of people don't think about is to find a product that you want to sell. Once you have, check the website to see if they dropship. Some will and some won't. However, if they don't say anything about dropshipping on their site then you want to contact them and ask because they may let you start selling their products. You won't know unless you ask. This is one mistake that people make. They assume that if a website doesn't say anything about dropshipping, then they probably don't. This is not true. You want to ask them before you move on.

These are three of the more popular and easy ways to find dropshippers. All it takes to find a product you can sell and a company that you can work with is a little time and research on your part. It won't even cost you a penny if you don't want it too. You can find a dropship company to work with for free if you are willing to do the work of finding the product to sell. Finding a company to work with is easier to do than most people think it is.
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