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More Up-sell Ideas For Your Ebook Business

Feb 4, 2008
You have your ebook system up and running. You are selling on eBay and you have your own website to sell from. You are making some sales but you aren't making as much as you had hoped. What can you do to increase your sales?

One of the best strategies using ebooks is to up-sell your customer after they have purchased an ebook from you. If they buy an ebook for 7 dollars, you should up-sell to 17 dollars for example. Most of the time this is done by having what is known as a one time offer, where you offer extra ebooks or an audio version of the ebook for "just another $9.97. A percentage of your customers will buy the extra deal.

There is another way you can utilize an up-sell to get a higher sale from an ebook. You can sell resell rights. Resell rights is in essence, allowing your customer to purchase from you a license to resell the ebook. It is a great way to up-sell, but you have to be aware of certain things.

You cannot sell resell rights to ebooks that are not yours or that you haven't been given master resell rights. In other words, if you wrote your own ebook, you can do what ever you want with it, but if you are selling someone else's ebook you can only do what the author has given you permission to do.

If the ebook you are selling was purchased by you with permission to sell resell rights to it, then you are within your legal rights to sell resell rights. If you only have permission to sell the book and not resell rights, then obviously you cannot offer your customers resell rights themselves.

If you have a product that you created, or a product that granted you master resell rights, you can create a resell rights strategy to up-sell your customer.

There are two ways you can approach using resell rights. You can offer it before the sale, or you can offer it after the sale. I have seen it done both ways and both are effective. Which one will be the most effective for you depends on your market, your product, your price and the effectiveness of your marketing system. This is a great area to run tests in to see which one works best for you.

The before sale offer works like this; You convince your customer to purchase your ebook, but you give him two options. When he goes to actually pay for the ebook, you provide two choices. One choice is to purchase the book by itself, the other is to purchase the book with resell rights. For example, you may price the book at $7 and the resell rights at $27. The customer then chooses which option he wants and that is the end of the sale.

The after sale offer works as most up-sells work, after the customer has already purchased the ebook. When the customer is presented with the download page, to get his electronic delivery, you offer him the resell rights before the download link. You allow him the option to upgrade to resell rights for just another $19.97.

In either case, a percentage of your customers will take the resell rights. Utilizing this strategy is one way to increase your overall sales. What is nice about this type of arrangement is, if your ebook has links back to your site or other sites you own, your customer, by selling the book, is really helping you to market your other links from the book. That's a great way to up-sell your customer and grow your business at the same time.
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