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A Review Of The Email Aces Autoresponder Service

Feb 4, 2008
Find out the truth about Email Aces and see if it's right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the Email Aces Autoresponder Service.

The Email Aces Autoresponder service was designed exclusively for internet marketers who wish to earn income by marketing their products and services through an automated email system. The autoresponder system dramatically cuts down the time and hassle of having to make follow-ups with each individual customer or prospective customer.

With internet marketing becoming a booming success by generating wealth from a wider range of consumers, the simplicity of being able to contact hundreds or even thousands of customers automatically is ideal.

Email Aces is one of many growing autoresponder companies. In their own words, what sets them apart is that they built their entire system themselves. The people who created the system are the ones operating the business by answering customers in support forms, monitoring servers and checking to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Email Aces believe that consumers need to know that their competitors have purchased scripts and installed them elsewhere which can lead to a lot of confusion especially if there is a malfunction. The company also boasts about the many additional services their customers receive that take online marketing to the next level.

The Email Aces system handles all of the hard work involved with email marketing. Their system was created to make things like list management in the forms of subscriptions, removal requests, bounced messages and confirmations a breeze. The company also sends autoresponse messages, forwards, sends follow-up emails and processes broadcast messages.

Some other unique features included with membership include unlimited follow-ups, sending attachments, personalization, ability to track the read rate and see the number of opened messages, templates to model campaigns from, importing prospects, blocking, html editor, html subscriber forms which can be personalized, knowledgeable support team and a host of other features.

Email Aces autoresponder service offers three different account levels. Account level one is their lowest package which costs $2.95 to start up with an additional $8.95 each month after that. This includes a single autoresponder message with unlimited follow-ups, broadcasts and can be used with a maximum 2,500 prospects. The second account level starts at $4.95 with a $14.95 fee every additional month.

This package includes ten autoresponder messages with unlimited follow-ups and broadcasts and can be used for up to 5,000 prospects. Level three account members have a $7.95 start-up fee and pay $19.95 each additional month. The level three package includes unlimited autoresponders, follow-ups and broadcasts. It can store as many as 10,000 prospects with every additional 10,000 at a $10.00 fee.

Email Aces autoresponder service is a very robust software and can handle all your email and database needs. It is a very solid and reliable service and I'm sure it will help you grow whatever business you are involved with.

The service will allow html and text email. Using html email you are able to track the responses from your subscribers and see how many of them responded to one of your email offers, so this is a ver powerful tool when it comes to marketing.
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