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Winning the Lottery as a Goal, not a Dream

Aug 17, 2007
It's a well-documented fact that those who have written goals will be more successful, healthier and wealthier than those who don't. In fact a whole new profession of coaching has sprung up, to help you define and attain your goals.

But if your life-coach asked you to list your goals and you included 'Winning the Lottery' - you'd probably told, gently, that winning the lottery is a dream - not a goal.

However, your life-coach would probably then try to help you put your stated goal into a more conventional form, by asking you to specify what 'winning' means for you. Well, to me, 'winning' (in the context of playing the Lottery) is 'coming out in front'. Put more succinctly, if you spend five pounds a week on the Lottery, you're a winner if you emerge with more than five pounds a week over the long-term.

Now obviously, one Jackpot win - particularly with your first ticket - is going to achieve this. But it's pretty unlikely to happen - and I suspect your life-coach would still be very suspicious of including this as a goal.

However, this same coach might be a lot more open to listening if you were to explain that you were running a full or part-time business that would attack the goal in two ways. One way is to improve your chances of winning, and the second way is to generate an income stream that means you are effectively playing for free - so always coming out in front.

To maximise your winnings - you need to maximise the number of lines you buy. But this needn't be as expensive as you'd first think, as the most economical way to maximise your number of lines is in a syndicate. Many people dismiss this approach, thinking that playing in a syndicate will reduce your winnings because they're shared out. In the syndicate I joined, you will always win more than if you were playing alone. Syndicate member Steve told the organisers: "I played the same numbers with the UK National Lotto and with your system. With the UK National Lotto I won 57, with your system I won over 7,000". However there are many, many syndicates! Which was Steve in? Find out on my website!

Now running a syndicate is hard work if you "do-it-yourself". Finding enough members to have a significantly better chance of winning, chasing them for money every week, replacing drop-outs, buying tickets, and dividing the winnings. So a DIY syndicate large enough to have an impact on your chances of winning would probably fail the test of being a goal that was 'achievable' in the conventional sense. Again my website will explain how this can all be automated. Your coach would approve - an automated syndicate will allow you to spend more time 'balancing your wheel of life', and paying attention to other areas of your life apart from finances.

A second way to maximise your winnings is to spread your net wider, and play in more than one Lottery - for instance the EuroMillions Lottery. These steps are all mini-goals towards that ultimate one of "coming out in front".

But the final, killer step, that would really get your life-coach "on board" and accepting that winning the lottery can be a goal, not a dream, would be to tell her that you were running a full or part-time business based round the Lottery - and that if you just sold five subscriptions you could "come out in front" every week.

Coaches are well used to helping their clients start up small businesses, often progressing them so that they become highly successful ventures. So running a business selling Lottery syndicates could quite realistically be seen as a goal rather than a dream. I know, because I already do it. You could too.

My first business goal was to sell enough syndicate places in this part-time business to play in the Lottery for free - that got me into profit after just six weeks. A lot faster than most conventional businesses get into profit.

My second goal was for the income to be enough to pay for some of life's little luxuries - a holiday, a refitted bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Over the space of a year these have been achieved.

My third goal was for the monthly income from my part-time business to exceed the income from my conventional employment - that happened about three months ago, and it feels great. No, I won't be giving up the day-job. My part-time business can still be run in spare time from my computer.

We started off wondering if winning at the Lottery could be a Goal, not a Dream. Hopefully this article has convinced you that although 'Winning the Lottery' may still be a dream, 'Winning AT the Lottery' can be a very achievable business goal, just like any other.
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