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Work From Home Vs Work From Abroad

Feb 4, 2008
If you are considering working from home, then you most likely need or want to make more money. For some its about spending more time with family. That was my choice, and hopefully the other falls into place. I also wanted to work from home because going to a work place, just didn't appeal to me anymore. Then again, most of the things in my life at that time lost their appeal. Golfing, well, how many people do you know that work from home, that golf all day, then do the work at night, or even in the morning. Working at home has its advantages, but you still have to work.

Working abroad, or overseas, wow, that depends what kind of work you do for whether its glamorous or not. Think about the soldiers working abroad. I'm not up for that, and I thank them. But what about, someone who is a sawfiler, - thats someone who sets up saw mills- that would be cool, travelling the globe. Or what about professional sports. We have all dreamed that dream. Models, they get to travel alot, I dont know about you, but none of these working abroad things are up my alley, maybe cuz im not a pro anything, more like a washed up - never was. Seriously though, I can play sports, but not at that level, which brings me to the whole point of this article.

What is better, working at home or abroad? That one is upto you to decide, just because everyone is different. So listen to this, I worked in a shop for years, and one day decided to work from home, on my computer. I love it, wouldn't go back for the life of me. But now I think about working abroad, maybe I would rather do that. The thing is life is always changing, so don't get stuck in that rut of work work work, pay bills. Notice three works to one pay bills, so get out and try new things, change your career because everyone is doing it. Besides, change is usually for the better, but we dont like change.
And just incase your thinking it, I'll say it. "Yes I can take my work from home job abroad with my laptop"

So in all seriousness, and no pun intended, I have found the wave of the future. Work abroad, from home, and getting started working from home is the hardest part.
Simply picking up the phone and calling someone from across the country, or even another country, that truly is the hardest part. So, I'll see you at the top.
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