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Free Articles Submission Facts to Know

Feb 4, 2008
The World Wide Web is full of a world of big scams and not-so-legit places to submit your most precious work. There is some where free article submissions are more then plastering your hard work all over the net for everyone to relish. Here are a few of those places, describing just how they operate. No gimmicks, no smooth talk or cut throat smack, just straight to the bone legitimate, freelance sites.

Associated Content, also known as AC, is a place for free article submission. It is a publishing site where freelancers have a choice to submit their work exclusively or retain their rights to their work and still publish. They have an option to publish a free article submission or ask for payment upfront.

During this process the editor will determine whether or not the article is unique enough for the library or consider it would be better as a free article submission. You can earn Performance Bonuses by visitors reading your articles. They also award content producers over $10,000 in cash at the end of every year.

Helium is a place where the freelancer is the editor and also takes part in rating content. They share ad revenue with their authors. There are chances to compete in assignments. You can visit the market place for assignments that can pay you up to about $40 each. Most importantly, Helium is a free article submission site.

Squidoo is another free article submission site, although they call their articles a 'lens'. When visiting there, the homepage had no description; however they used a producer's 'lens' to describe the site. You earn royalties and can keep the lute for yourself or donate it to charity. Share this part of the net with a half a million other Squidooers. One member has earned over $1000 in ad revenue through finding a niche, while writing free article submissions. There is an option of showing off your e-Bay stuff, as well.

Another great place for free article submission is Ezine Articles and Articles Dynamic. As a publisher here you have the advantage to have your work brought to many people due to the unique software that they use to promote the free article submissions. This site consists of experts, authors and writers. The site consists of over 50K plus RSS feeds and 50K members who have published free article submissions.

Another great place for not only free article submission but a way to earn traffic to your site is Hub Pages. Here is where you submit and tag the free article submissions with key word tags and people rate the usefulness of the article. This is also where publishers share their passion by writing free article submissions on the things they are passionate about and they also earn a piece of the pie, through Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliates. The hubs are added to main search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.

There is a world wide web of opportunity to go with all the scams. Sometimes we come across a place where we can earn money while we publish free article submissions, only to find out that we are making pennies. It would be so much better to research the free article submission sites, before joining and publishing your precious work.
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