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Scam Survey Sites Suck

Feb 4, 2008
Survey sites that pay cash can earn you good money by simply filling in surveys at home. But not every survey company is a good one. You need to know how to spot the scams if you are actually going get your hard earned profits.

Avoid the scam survey site or they will rake in your cash instead of you. On the other hand, if you ignore everything you could easily pass up a legitimate paid survey site just because you think that they all a scam.

1) Do Your Research

Go onto the internet and look at some of the survey sites and read the FAQ sections. Check how you will be paid and how frequently. Check how many surveys you will be doing each week.

Visit some of the online business sites such as best-internet-incomes.com where you will find lots of free information about surveys and other ideas.

2) Get recommendations

Ask other people that you know who have done this before. Once you start talking to friends, colleagues and relations, you will be surprised how many people are already doing surveys.

3) Check out the various survey forums

These forums are frequented by lots of experienced survey takers who have seen the various scams and tricks of survey taking. On the good side they can provide encouragement and helpful tips for the beginner.

4) Don't pay for anything

You are selling your views and opinions in the form of survey results. There are plenty of buyers and you shouldn't have to pay for anything. Paid survey scams can come in a variety of disguises and many try to take money upfront.

5) Be wary of outrageous promises

Always sound so good, but how do you know if they are genuine? The answer is that you don't, so take these with a pinch of salt. The same is true when you see a screen shot of someone's earnings. These can all be fabricated. Guarantees are not really worth a thing either just read the disclaimers.

6) Try Contacting the company

Ring the number for the company of send an email asking to talk to someone on the phone. Any responsible firm will be only too happy to talk to you and to answer any questions that you may have.

7) Test the site links

Scam sites will tend to have non-working out-of-date links, no customer service, no real products and no help section that you can use.

8) Be prepared for Losses

There are plenty of sharks around and sooner or later one will take a bite at you. Recognise the signs and get out quick, taking a loss if you have to. Make sure that you warn others by going onto the relevant forums.

9) Spread yourself around

You don't have to just settle on one or two paid survey sites. The more survey sites that you join, the more cash you can earn. The agencies will give out surveys based upon your profile, spread your profile as wide as you can.

Many paid survey sites are nothing more than traps to capture e-mail addresses using the online survey registration pages. Legitimate online surveys value their safety and security and they will respect your privacy. They would not giveaway any personal or other important information that you supply.

Avoid the scams and paid surveys are a great way of earning extra cash.
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Roger Titley operates a number of successful websites including http://www.best-internet-incomes.com which specializes in helping anyone to make an income from the Internet. The site has a number of articles specifically on paid surveys, as well as a range of other types of Internet opportunities. Another site to visit is http://www.writinganarticle.com which specialize in helping in the writing of articles.
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