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Feb 5, 2008
I wanted to find out how is it that allot of the big successful affiliates used articles to market there business so I carried out a survey and asked this question.

When writing a unique article of good quality, is it good to submit that single article to only one directory? Or should I submit it to several, was it ok to submit it only to ezinearticles.com or can I also use goarticles.com and ultimatearticledirectory.com because these are some of the best directories. What is the best thing to do? These are some of the answers I got.

Submitting to the top three to five directories is the best move, also look for sites that are relevant to your business and ask them if they would be interested in publishing your articles. This is far better than submitting to a big set that is not relevant to your business. This system has brought me great results.

I believe the best plan is to rewrite three articles and submit each to a different directory this will equal nine articles directories in total. It is better to do rewrites and submit them to avoid the duplicate content penalty because it can cause you to loose Google ranking. This strategy works best for me.

I have been in the article business for a long time and I had great results using this strategy-

1. Sometimes I submit only to ezinearticles.com

2. Sometimes I Spin an article 100 times and submit them to 2nd tier directories sites but be sure to check them for readability and duplicate content, I use dupe cop to check for duplication. This duplication checker works well and is free. With this strategy I have 101 opportunities to get traffic plus 101 backlinks pointing back to my website, this increases my popularity and can push my site up in Goggles ranking.

I believe it depends on what are your objectives.

If you want to have your site spread all over the internet to improve your chances of being published you can send your articles to as many e-zines that you want. But if you looking for SEO ranking then just sent to the best directories maybe the best 5 but your entire article must be original to avoid the duplicate content penalty. So write five good articles and submit them to the top five sites.

What I do for every article I write I create a squidoo lens. The reason I do this is -

1.) I can have all the affiliate links I desire and can put in relative you tube videos.
2.) Can add all the pictures I want while also improving my SEO ranking.
3.) Can have a Guestbook if I want, this creates an interactive content rich web presence.
4.) I retain the rights to all of the information.

Remember to make sure you write your articles so that it could be read by humans and not just spin 100 unreadable articles.

These were just some of the answers I got from this question that I asked some of the top earners on the internet, Hope this information was useful.
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