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Never Take Your Eye Off The Ball.

Feb 5, 2008
Too many people think too much about their current situation, instead of thinking about what could be. They are so caught up in the problem that they lose the ability to envision a solution. Before I discovered Global Resorts Network and created www.joecorp1.com, i was in the middle of a major market crash. I had lost over 66% of my total net worth.

You can't get caught up in that crap. Acknowledge the problem, and turn your attention immediately to the solution. Think about what is good about the current situation, then think of situations which are BETTER. Come up with as many ideas as you can of ways to obtain the results you want. Write down these ideas without judging them. DO NOT let your mind come up with ideas why they ideas won't work. Take the best ideas you have, and act on them.

Do not think about problems in terms of "how did it happen?", "why did it happen?" or "what will happen if i don't solve this problem?". Rather, accept that you have a problem and a great challenge has been laid at your feet. Accept the challenge. Then look for solutions. Study possible solutions. Gather knowledge, and start testing possible solutions.

A few people are born to be successful, this is a fact. They possess a special talent that has made it easy for them to succeed - the gifted musician, the natural athlete, the talented business person. The vast majority of people were not handed their success on a silver platter. They worked hard for it. they set their goals and stayed focused until they reached them. MJMascaro.com is NOT a get rich quick business, you MAY get rich. It MAY be quick. But that all depends on your willingness to work hard and your desire to succeed.

Focus and discipline are habits, skills anyone can learn. I have always been disciplined and focused, even since i was a kid. But most people aren't. I've known people who were not so focused and shown them how to learn the habits - to the point where one of them has become a successful armature athlete.

Worry, fear and indecision kill focus. To take charge of your life you must overcome fear. My advice is to simply break off every negative thought as soon as it shows itself. Stop the wavering internal dialogue before it starts. The worst hell you can ever face is the hell you construct in your own mind. it is much worse than the hell other people create for you. So in preference to dwelling on all the negatives, consider what you want - Stay focused and go and get it.
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