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When Selling And Making Money On Ebay Becomes Fun.

Feb 5, 2008
Why is it we always associate making money on eBay and with business generally with hard work and subsequently something we shouldn't enjoy? So many people believe it is not possible to do something you really enjoy and make money at the same time.

So many people are filled with in built sceptisism when they are told you can enjoy making money. People are programmed naturally to expect making money to be hard and definately not about having any kind of fun.

The interesting thing is that the people who are really earning good money on the Internet are having lots fun.

When I have had the chance to speak to successful internet entreprenuers they can't understand why people are so hung up with the idea of making easy stress free money and having fun. Also they can't understand why anyone would go back to building a real brick and mortar business or take a job with all the restrictions that entails.

The vast majority of people have since childhood been told that they must work their butts off until retirement. Then if they are lucky and have worked hard can retire maybe with just enough to live on until they die.

But if we look at people who enjoy making their money they seem some how happier, more content and on the whole more wealthy than their over worked brick and mortar business building counterparts.

Take the idea of making good money on eBay.

There are a majority of people on the net that fall in to one of two categories: First there are those that believe that the intracies of eBay is beyond them and they will need some sort of gift from god to run any kind of business.The second group are not much different believing that they would never be able to competete against so many other people. The net result is the same both types they either fail or give up (assuming they even started).

The biggest challenge I find with coaching people is overcoming this mindset problem. Too many people think business has to be run to very strict rules and guidelines which removes the fun element of being in a virtual business.

To be raging success on eBay you need to be imaginative and think outside the box. Far to many people get hung up on the business stuff and forget that life can be fun also.

"I think a lot of people think too big to start," says Chris Lakey, one of today's top Internet marketing professionals. "They think they have to have everything figured out..."

When I questioned other top players on eBay the one thing they all recognised as being a commmon trait amongst most newbies was they feel overwhelmed at the possibility of running a business potentially turning over millions of dollars.This means rather than looking forward to such opportunity the reaction is more one concern and worry.

But the most important thing is just to start the ball rolling. There is nothing wrong with thinking big but be happy to start small, then build to a bigger business step by step as you go.

So don't stress just get out there and start having some fun on eBay and who knows you might be suprised at how easy making money and having fun as well can be?
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