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Do Your Customers Trust You?

Feb 5, 2008
You can bet that if your customers don't trust you, they won't continue to buy from you. As an affiliate marketer, if you find out that the merchant site isn't doing a good job, the next step is to send your customers directly to your site. It's your job to make the offers clear and emphasize the benefit to the customer. Also, be very vigilant in posting contact information in an easy to find location.

You want everything for the customer to be user-friendly, as clients can be turned off rather quickly. Use yourself as the best measuring tool. It may even pay dividends to have your site evaluated by "Net Cop", as well as the online listing that the Better Business Bureau provides.

Having a user-friendly website indicates to the consumer that you're prepared and safe to do business with. Posting a telephone number and email address also demonstrates that you're willing to be contacted for more information and that assures you're customer that you're trustworthy. Creating an "About Us" page is also a helpful tool, as you'll be able to share a little bit about yourself and your company.

People also like to know that they are not the only ones who are buying from you. They want to know that others have had a good experience as your customer. One way to do this is to include testimonials. This can be difficult as an affiliate marketer, since you are selling other people's products, but the merchant may allow you to use some of their testimonials on the product on your own site.

You need to distinguish yourself from other marketers who are marketing the same products. To do that you need to offer more. Give more information to presell your customer. Make the process easier than others. Be sure that your sales process includes safe credit card transactions.

Even though you are not going to be dealing with customer complaints, it doesn't hurt to have some type of customer guarantee that makes clients feel at ease. The online transactions are going to be impersonal, and if you can establish the trust upfront on your web site, more sales are sure to follow.

Building trust with your customers means explaining the products you are selling, being available, answering their concerns and helping if their are problems. It really is a mindset of serving your customers. When they know you care about doing the right thing, they will return again and again.
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