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Recruiting Downline - Why You Should Not Cold Call Leads

Feb 5, 2008
Recruiting downline?

Not having any success when you cold call leads?

Wondering why?

Well, let us look at why most people fail at cold calling.

1)Untargeted leads

First, we have to consider where the leads came from. For now, I assume that you bought those leads from lead generating companies. You have been told that those people are interested in business opportunities. You thought you can convince them to join you.

But you are very surprise that you are not that well received. Most of them don't even want to be contacted by you. Naturally, they hang up immediately when they realized your intention.

Well, most likely, those companies are not lying. Those people have really indicated that they are interested in business opportunity and don't mind being contacted. However, they never said that they want to be contacted by you.

Perhaps, you should put yourself in the shoe of those people. Imagine you sign up for a newsletter by John, Peter contacted you instead. Don't you feel weird. Who is Peter anyway?

2)No aptitude for cold calling

Let's face the fact. I assume most people do not like cold calling, mainly because they are not good at it. Most likely, you are one of them. Well, there is nothing wrong with you. I hate cold calling as well.

Perhaps, you are also very shy, even over the phone. You have to prepare for several hours, thinking of what to say before you are able to muster the courage to call someone. Unfortunately, you are rejected.

Here's the main problem. MLM is all about duplication. However, cold calling is not a duplicable skill. No doubt, some people are very good at it and even enjoy it. That is why they are able to overcome their first rejection in order to achieve success.

Of course, the more you do, the better you become. Unfortunately, most people do not reach that stage. They give up before they become proficient. Years ago, I would have encouraged you not to give up and just continue calling. You will definitely become better.

However, I won't encourage you to do that today. There is a much better way to generate leads today. There is this thing called the Internet. Why not use it to our advantage?

What do most people use the internet for? Don't you agree that most people use the internet to search for information?

For example, I know that if you want to find out how to recruit downline, you will type in keywords like "recruiting downline" or "cold call leads" in search engines like Google or Yahoo. With this powerful information, all I need to do is to position myself in front of you.

If you are reading this article, there is a possibility that you found this article by typing in keywords as mentioned above. I also assume that if you have read until this stage, you are interested in learning more about why you should not cold call leads.

Do you agree it is easier to persuade interested prospects rather than untargeted leads? Do you want to learn more?
About the Author
Lubano Lim is a young and fun loving entrepreneur with a passion for helping others succeed in their business.

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