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Payment Methods While Shopping Online

Feb 5, 2008
While internet shopping is very popular with people around the world, there are still a few people who refuse to shop online. Some believe that processing payments will be a difficult thing to do and other prospective shoppers do not think that their personal information is secure when they make payments online. Internet shopping sites take great care to ensure all financial transactions are secure and spend a good portion of their profits to make payment processing easy for everyone.

Shopping online is easy too because products and descriptions are easy to see and read and the fonts used for pricing and descriptions of products are pleasing to the eye as well. While shopping online, customers can compare prices and features of many products at one time, and select a credit card for payment that is the customer's preferred brand. Many online retailers will feature the logo of all accepted forms of payment on the homepage of the retail website.

Some internet websites still accept cash payments for online purchases. Customers can select payment options like direct debiting from checking accounts, which will be transferred electronically to the retailer. While this payment method will delay the shipment of the items, it still allows customer to take advantage of sales and bargains that are quite common on internet shopping sites. Transactions will be shipped using the mailing address that was provided when the customer set up the account, or the customer can call to change any shipping details.

Debit cards are becoming the popular choice for making payments for online purchases. Customers use them to budget money used for shopping because debit cards are accepted at land-based retail shops and online shopping venues around the globe. Some mass merchandisers will charge fees for these cards and charge customers again when they load money onto the card. Those fees exceed the annual fees charged by brand name credit card companies. Customers use the banking debit card online because those purchases do not incur any fees.

Many online retailers will honor payments made with gift cards and any balances on the transaction can be made with credit cards or debit cards. Gift cards are very popular gift giving items and people that receive them can use the money on the gift card to purchase anything they see in an online retail that is featured on the card. Online retailers will make it easy for customers to enter the gift card number during the check out process. The shopping cart software will also calculate coupon codes and discount codes as partial payment incentives and these payment options are ones that customers hope to have plenty of each time they shop online.

For old school shoppers who still insist on paying cash for purchases, there are only two options available. They can write a note to the shopkeeper like in the good old days and tell them what the money in the envelope is for, and rely on the shopkeepers honesty to mail the item to them on the next pony express headed West. On the other hand, customers could write a paper check and wait patiently while the check is cashed and wait some more until the item is shipped by a parcel service or the U.S. Mail, depending on the shipping options selected while shopping online.
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