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What CMS Tools Does Your Business Need?

Feb 5, 2008
With the constant evolution of business websites, it can become confusing to decide on what tools are absolutely necessary. There are webmasters who have every tool available on the market, but fail to use any of them effectively because there just is not enough time to learn to use everything. By trying to be a bit of everything, you end up standing for nothing.

It is always best to focus your business on just a few powerful tools to keep your website at the top of the search engines. The popularity of CMS (Content Management System) tools is due to the fact that businesses have a huge load on their shoulders and require sophisticated tools to maintain the edge.
Without CMS, the smallest changes require recoding the HTML and uploading again.

This can get very tedious and waste a lot of time. The process is much faster and easier with content management systems. A good CMS tool will simply require the owner to open the software, fill out a form, and watch as the CMS handles the update. This can save hundreds of dollars and many hours of work.

CMS is based on templates, of course, to be able to manage the updates. It is, therefore, extremely important that whoever uses the CMS is familiar with the template and how the changes will appear. Somebody familiar with the templates simply logs in to the CMS, makes the update, and simply executes the command.

The update is complete. The best CMS tools will function with a wide variety of templates, even those from other programs such as Microsoft or Dreamweaver. One of the biggest advantages of a content management system is that no knowledge of HTML code is required in order to execute sophisticated website updates.
Choosing the right CMS program for your business is not as easy as updating a site with the software, however, since there is a wide variety of tools on the market.

For businesses that are broke or nearly broke, free options are available for open source use, but are extremely limited. Other content management systems sell for thousands of dollars and of course come with all of the bells and whistles imaginable, with the most professional and easy to use templates in existence. Each business has different needs, so be sure to shop around and try out several before making a final decision.

If your business is simple and does not require a lot of advanced features on the company website, it would definitely be a waste to invest in a state of the art content management system that comes with so many features you will never use. Also, consider your level of expertise in web design since some slightly advanced programs will allow anybody with even a basic understanding of HTML perform many more tasks from the CMS. The most important tool your CMS will have is the person in front of the computer who will be using it. Match the tool with the webmaster and the webmaster to the business and you will have a winning formula!
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