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Why Social Responsibility Is Profitable

Feb 5, 2008
What is social responsibility? Well, Webster's dictionary describes responsibility as a duty, or a calling. Many people believe that marketers have a certain social responsibility, however, there are two main opposing views. One camp believes that marketers have no social responsibility. That the consumers themselves are responsible for making informed decisions about what they need, want, and are able to buy with their hard earned money. The other camp says that way of thinking is antique. The consumer of today is in a market that is so much more complicated and difficult to discern. Therefore they believe that the marketers themselves have the sole responsibility to society to keep them informed about the market changes, different product types and so forth. As you read this article, you'll hopefully see why good socially responsible marketing can be very profitable.

Why should you care first of all? Well, if you just look at our children, you'll see a big reason to care. Marketers not only persuade people to think a certain way in order to buy something, but their ads, and commercials also have an effect upon the way we think about the world we live in. This is especially true for the nation's children. If they see it on television, or read it on the computer, they will most likely see it as the way things are. Therefore, marketers have a certain social responsibility to our people to not misrepresent the way things truly are. One industry that is very guilty in this area, is the adult industry. Their fantasized displays of sexual life are not even close to the norm. I for one believe that they are responsible for a large percentage of our nation's divorces. The marketing, has been un responsible in it's consideration to our people.

If everyone is involved, it is profitable for the whole group. Can you imagine what would happen if the entire marketing industry decided to clean up its act and keep us informed? There is more than one area of profitability in this kind of scenario. The first, being society itself improving. The second is obviously a monetary profit. You see this often on the internet with review websites. Customers trust them because they give accurate reviews of the products in their industry, and are keeping their social responsibility. Therefore, the customers trust them, and come back time and time again.

Why is social responsibility profitable? In a nutshell, it builds reputability. People trust you when you give them the truth about your products, your industry, and what to stay clear of. The goal with social responsibility in marketing is to set yourself up as an authority on the subject. So when people have a question about something related to your field, they come running back to you for advice. Not only does it serve the greater good of the society, it makes you more money in the long run. If you're in marketing, be socially responsible with your ads, it will make a difference.
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