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The Killer Business Opportunity That Ebay Really Offers.

Feb 5, 2008
When Sydney Johnston has a live eBay audience she loves to ask a really easy question. And every time everyone gets it wrong. It has to do with perceptions. Those that work successfully with Internet business are those that can think outside the box.

Your level of achievement in an virtual business is going to hinge on your preceptions an how open and imaginative you are.

Sydney Johnston who has been on eBay almost since the beginning doesn't look at eBay the same way most of us do.When speaking to a live seminar audience she asks what sounds a pretty simple question " What is eBay?" But the question is designed to stimulate the mind and thought processes further.

She is looking for her audience to gauge their perception as to what eBay can deliver and the majority of people are pretty limited as to their ability to see opportunity.

That's the whole point. She wants them to see where they are and then she invites them to climb outside the box and share a new view of one of the five most trafficked websites in the world.

She is looking for her students to see eBay as so much more than just an auction site.

Here's how Sydney stumbled onto the real potential of a site like eBay. "I started selling not real rare but a hundred dollars and up books. I accidentally built a list of about 250 serious book collectors and I started sending out emails."

This is what makes those with enterprenurial spirit stand out from the crowd. They see eBay as the start and not the end of the sales funnel. The majority of the people selling on eBay see it as a place to sell single items and no more.

But if you grasp the basic principals of the marketer you will see eBay as a gateway to much wider opportunity and endless probablities.

For them eBay is simply the route to the gold which can provide them with a never ending stream of highly qualified customer lists that can be contacted off eBay for years to come.

It almost goes without saying everything is in the follow up which few on eBay either know or choose to ignore.

A savvy eBay enterpreneur doesn't think the same as everyone else and once that first transaction has taken place is forever looking to develop the customer relationship further.

Succesful selling is all about thinking what items work together and expanding the realtionship.

If I sell a set of ruby earrings what goes with that, and would the customer be interested in a matching ring or bracelet.

To be hugely succesful in the eBay market place you have to see the first transaction as the gateway to possibility and work on improving the customer experience all the way. Do this and you will expose yourself to the opportunity to net pockets of cash from happy customers.
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