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Plan Your Projects and Save Time Using Basecamp

Feb 6, 2008
If you are a developer, then you should really consider why you need to plan your projects and save time using base camp application as your main tool. For many developers it is difficult sometimes to find the right management tool to run their projects with. This article is meant to be an honest review of one such software called basecamp, and the writer's recommendations why you should use it to save your self a lot of time on your next set of projects. Below you will find my recommendations, and reasons for using it.

First of all, basecamp is very simple to use. In fact, it is so simple that it has been often criticized by others in the industry for its simplicity. For the average project management needs however, base camp is more than capable of handling the entire project.

Basecamp has several good features such as the ever helpful "to do list" manager. I know personally I can get side tracked on exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing. The to do list in it keeps me on track with the items I need to get completed in the order of priority in which they should be finished. This one tools is very helpful, but base camp has much more to offer as a project management application. This software offers wiki style web based text documents and milestone management as well. Base camp also comes with built in file sharing capabilities for you to share your work with other developers and or clients for feedback. In addition, basecamp offers time tracking on each project to keep your billable hours tabbed, and it even has as built in messaging system to help with your communication needs. So while some will criticize base camp for its simplicity, I for one am of the opinion that good project management software needs to have everything it absolutely has to have, and then the rest should be left out. Simplicity is a good thing.

Using software to manage your project keeps you more organized as well. Now that you have read one positive review for the base camp software, I would advise you to go to Google and do a search on base camp reviews. You can better get a feeling for what other users have to say. Next, search for some of its competitors. You won't find many, which is another reason you have just got to love base camp. It fills a need. So before buying, consider your options.

I will say however, that you need to purchase something to save yourself a lot of time. Having project management software is like having a partner help you with your work. Keeping your self organized, and having the tools you need to make your job go smoother, is hard to find in a good piece of software. You will find all of that in base camp, and more. So check it out!
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