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The Amazing Ebay System With A Valuable Twist

Feb 6, 2008
Setting yourself up with a guaranteed income stream on Ebay is now possible with a system that uses a method that we are all already comfortable with. A friend of mine, Dan, put me onto this a short while ago and I just had to write and tell you about it.

I like PROVEN stuff, I like it because I KNOW it works and that someone other than me has taken the risks in checking it out and applying it, and possibly losing their money on it. Ebay should be a safe profit haven as its very transparent and very checkable. It has completed search features and you can see what everyone is selling and buying, and how much profit that those sales are producing. I find it strange that there is a whole market dedicated to fleecing the average Joe into selling and drop-shipping unprofitable products into the Ebay marketplace.

I enjoyed writing this article as very occasionally you get a chance to pen your thoughts on a problem, and offer a workable and innovative solution to that problem. Below I have set out what I believe to be a pretty reasonable scenario of a typical would-be Ebayer looking to make a few dollars in the world's biggest online marketplace.

Many people when looking for stock to sell on Ebay tend to look to tick the following boxes:

The supplier must have a huge range of available goods with profit generating potential.

The supplier must be legitimate and reliable.

The supplier must cater for low or single order quantities.

The supplier's list must be updated.

The supplier must be trustworthy and offer guarantees.

Have you noticed anything?

As a buyer you assume a fair amount of risk dealing with any supplier. Many Ebayers simply see Websites and wholesale goods/lists advertised, often on Ebay itself, read the info given by the seller, and then plan their selling literally on faith.

Just look at the amount of people on Ebay that buy and sell wholesale lists of so-called secret suppliers of Phones, Cameras, Designer goods etc.

Well how about this for a new twist.

When you buy goods on Ebay you wouldn't buy off a seller with a terrible feedback would you?

What about if you could find a Directory where all suppliers have been rated by buyers in terms of service, cost, reliability and delivery, and the buyers doing the rating are all TRULY independent, such as other Ebayers, and just to make it a whole lot easier, incorporate a system whereby you type in a product that you are interested in and you will be provided with a fully rated list of suppliers of that product. Yeah, I know it sounds good, and I have just reviewed for you a brilliant new system that I have discovered recently that I know will be of FANTASTIC benefit to Ebayers and would-be Ebayers worldwide looking to establish a consistent income stream without the risk.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, what about showing screenshots of products that are selling on Ebay and then showing you the price that you can safely purchase them for, AND throwing in video testimonials of people worldwide already taking advantage of this proven method of savvy Ebaying.

Whenever I review a service/product/opportunity I ask myself if I would use or purchase it myself. Quite often I come across stuff that sounds good but its simply not going to add value to a home/business/lifestyle and I politely decline a recommendation. Even after agreeing to give a positive review I ALWAYS seek out people using/operating the reviewed service/product/opportunity and ask them to give me their positive and negative experiences, and this product came through with a very high satisfaction rating and I am pleased to recommend it to you.
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