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Corporate Spyware Fight

Aug 17, 2007
Companies have begun to take a stance against spyware by implementing spyware tools across their entire network. In the recent past Infoworks Technology and Unisys developed a partnership when Infoworks announced they would be providing their SpyRemover software for the entire Unisys use enterprise.

The company chose to make a move into spyware prevention because of spyware's prevalent threats to personal and business internet uses. Employees have become active on the internet, leaving the enterprise's computer network vulnerable to spyware infection.

For businesses spyware infection can cause negative impacts in several ways, such as slowing computers thus decreasing employee productivity. More serious problems can occur when security codes are breeched and corporate information is exposed. Infoworks' SpyRemover software is designed to detect and fix problems including spyware, hijackers, adware, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices and other hacker tools. The programs has been successfully used on personal and business computers.

With spyware infesting any computer, personal or network, the speed and bandwidth capabilities will continuously degrade until the problems are fixed. Unauthorized ports for information release can be created by spyware. Many spyware applications run silently and cause only gradual computer degradation which leaves you unaware of the infestation. SpyRemover scan and removes spyware infections but it helps prevent some future infections, leaving your computer safer to surf the internet on.
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