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Earn Hundreds Of Dollars A Day On Ebay Selling Magazines

Feb 6, 2008
When I first heard about this business, I was excited not only about its unique angle but the fact that you could build a HUGE repeat subscription base selling into specific niche markets.

Let's face it EVERYBODY buys magazines. I buy them by the bucket load, Music magazines, Computer magazines, Alternative Lifestyle etc. So when I read about a brand new guide that is the only information of its kind available online, then I decided I needed to check it out.

Magazine subscriptions are the ideal Ebay product as they require:

NO packing
NO Shipping
No Storing
No negative cash flow
Heaps of niche areas to exploit in the Ebay marketplace

Whilst the above is fantastic in itself, what really amazed me about this opportunity is the fact that there are more than 1,500 magazine subscriptions that equal recurring sales, and profit margins can be up to 5,000 per cent. There are even some titles that publishers will pay YOU to get rid of. It seems that the advertiser revenue props up the publication and there is a real financial incentive to get it into the marketplace.

I have digested all the information regarding this business, and it took me longer than it should, as I brainstormed tons of angles with which anybody could make a nice few hundred dollars a week both on Ebay and off it. I often have a tough time trying to match a product to the market its aimed at, but I really felt with this business that the guide not only fully explained, without padded nonsense, how to exploit the power of Ebay in magazine subscription selling, but also gave me a few ideas to make a good income in other areas.

I have to say, that as a business opportunity that's very low cost and potentially very lucrative, this guide is brilliant, but what really floats my boat about the whole deal is that its both interesting AND has a potentially massively recurring customer base that both want and can afford the product offered.

While I was reviewing this guide my 13 year old son was hogging the sofa opposite my PC surrounded by the latest Heavy Metal and Warhammer magazines, and I had to smile at the irony as one of those magazine subscriptions was a present 2 years ago and my wife and I had one heck of a job finding out where the publication was actually sold, and it sells many thousands of copies a month!!

I myself have several subscriptions that I avidly look forward to receiving each month, and if you pinned me down I wouldn't be able to tell you when I took them out, I just enjoy the magazines. I do remember though that 2 of my monthly received titles were originally gifts that I renewed the subscription on as I am interested in the niche content, and I couldn't be bothered to go down to the local news store and spend the time asking the news guy to find the title and sign up for it!!

Being a writer means that I have a bit of a love affair with the written word so I can see myself getting into this business as a nice easy-to-run sideline, and also because it means I can keep tabs on the industry publications and see what people are interested in reading about.

So on a personal and business level, I think its fair to say that I rate this opportunity very much, and I think that there is plenty of scope for an enterprising individual to make the hundreds of dollars a day claimed by the guides authors.

I do recommend this guide fully as I have NEVER read anything similar to this and the author has gone to great lengths to help anyone interested in the opportunity to make a success of it in the form of ongoing customer support.
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John is an avid writer on a variety of diverse topics that he hopes will be both informative and of interest to his worldwide readership. If you would like a closer look at selling magazines on Ebay please visit: http://www.magazines-on-ebay.com
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