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How To Buy Cheap Merchandise Online

Feb 6, 2008
If you consider shopping as a sport, then finding the best deal is like winning the game. The sport is all about finding the cheap merchandise online. How would you buy the cheap merchandise online? These three little tips are the secrets to buy the cheap merchandise online.

The best place to find cheap merchandise is an online auction site since in an auction you decide the price. This is tip #1. The pricing power is in YOUR hands, not in anyone else's. There are many auction sites present online, but eBay is considered the largest and in the beginning, you should concentrate on eBay. Why? It has the largest market share, the most competition and it even has buyer protection. This means a better, safer deal for you.

Tip #2 is to research what exactly you want. You want to find out as much information as you can about the product before even thinking about making a bid. You should check your favorite search engine like Yahoo for new products since you can read the reviews and find what the going price is online. You should never have to pay more than this. You can even check out the blogs to get the reviews and do a trusty Google search to turn up some extra information that you may not have thought about. If it's a big purchase, it is better to write down the information, or do use my favorite trick, taking notes in notepad and saving the file as the product name.

The best way of finding out information is to check the previous auctions of similar items. You can see for how much the product sold for and how many people placed bids even though the auctions are over. You should definitely note this price and unless if it is something that you need right away, you should never bid more than this in an auction.

Tip #3 is to actually start searching for and bidding on the auctions. If a product is one that you need to ask few questions about before you bid, you should check out the auctions that have been running only for a day or two. This gives you time to get a response to your question. If you don't need to ask many questions, you can check out the auctions that are expiring in the next 48 hours. I have to make note of few rules for making the initial bid. The big one is to never make an initial bid more than 70% of the expected final price.

If you notice the auction bid quickly increase to, or even overtake your bid, you know that at least one other person has made a large bid on this auction. I tend to drop these kinds of auctions since it may not result in a cheap purchase. Either way, bookmark the auction and plan to check back within 6 hours of its ending time. At that point, you can make a larger bid that is closer to your preferred purchase price. If you're someone who doesn't like losing an auction over a few cents or dollars, you can put in a bid of 105% of your preferred purchase price, but it's all up to you.

If you follow these three tips, you can buy a cheap merchandise online at the price you are willing to pay. Remember, with a little work, you to can Buy Cheap!
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John Molar is a shopping fanatic who enjoys finding good deals. When he's not busy shopping, he puts his time into running his own shopping websites including Buy Cheap where you can Buy Cheap Cameras and even Buy Cheap Electronics.
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