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How To Use Network Marketing To Leverage Your Personal Budget

Feb 6, 2008
How to Leverage Your Personal Budget

Typically when you need or want something most people go to the store to buy it directly. Usually you know where to buy something because of advertising or through someone else who responded to advertising. After supplying your wants or needs by spending your money, the money you spent offers no further value or return. If given a choice for the same amount of money would you rather supply your wants or needs in a way that allows your money to continue having lasting value after it has been spent? People are making a great living by investing in stocks or real estate business through leveraging. So can the average consumer who chooses wisely when spending.

With today's treacherously unstable economy it makes sense as a consumer to have ways to stretch our budget. Who would win and who would lose if everybody only spent their money on network marketing companies when making buying decisions. Because everything would be bought and sold by word of mouth their would be no need for commercials. So big advertising companies would lose first. The big superstores and wallmarts of the world would lose because people would rather support their friends in business if given a choice. Who would win? Us the consumers because we would no longer have to suffer through commercials and we would be leveraging our consumption wisely.

Why is Network Marketing a Superior System for Buying and Selling Products?

First of all I would like to clear up a couple of myths being perpetrated against network marketing on the basis of false premises. The main disagreement against network marketing which is also known as multi-level marketing is that only a small fraction of members are making money compared to the entire size of the membership base at any given time. The fact is anybody can move up the ladder and make money who puts in the time and the effort. Another fact is that most people don't and that's fine. That's life and that's why it is the way it is. It's also a choice of action verses inaction.

The other pointless argument is that eventual saturation will leave the last people in holding the bag. The fact is not one mlm/network marketing company has even exceeded a 1 percent total marketing reach in history ever. Even if it were possible it would only be a problem if there was just one company.

There are probably at least 1 million different mlm companies out there today. As with all things some are good and some are bad. It will be us the end user who will determine which products stand on their own merit. I predict that we are progressing into a future where traditional brick and mortar storefronts become extinct. Think about it. Wouldn't you prefer to be rewarded for recommending what you would already recommend for free?

In the network marketing industry, health and nutritional products are now at an all time high in popularity. It seems that once people hit 40 years old it becomes natural for you to want to extend your youth. While good quality nutritional supplementation can be expensive it doesn't have to be forever. Health products are perfect for leveraging your consumption through network marketing companies rather then continuously shelling out as much as $200 per month.

Choosing Which Nutritional Company is for You is Important?

Over 99 percent of network marketing companies expect you to personally sponsor new members and invest in advertising before you are able to make any money. Recently I found an exception to the rule and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It's true that you are able to make money with this without sponsoring or advertising. It just takes longer. The company also guarantees your income if you stay with the program indefinitely or they pay you triple your investment back. The success behind their system is that huge rewards are offered to people who share the system with others. Most people decide on their own to be actively sponsoring anyways. I made that choice early on and only had to pay for my product once for $55. Now it's free every month and they are paying me increasing amounts.

Everyone loves a good guarantee and the company I chose is backed solidly by it's triple your money back guarantee. After trying the product for myself I loved it and also use many other great products from the same company at a discounted rate. There are absolutely no other nutritional companies with a better income potential then the one you'll discover in my signature. At just $55 per month it makes a perfect start-up business for the budget minded. You will be guaranteed to earn an income just by staying in for long enough. If you want to be actively sponsoring there are huge rewards for doing so and you may only have to pay the $55 once.
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