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Ways To Entice Customers During Slower Periods To Your Restaurant

Feb 6, 2008
Some very easy ways to entice customers during slower periods of time are right under your nose. Most of them are very easy to implement in any type of restaurant setting. They also will generate more money than they will cost you to start. The initial start up fees will likely be in the form of advertising. You may need to have some materials printed up as well.

The problem though is that you may experience lulls between the various meal times. Of course you can use this time to take care of getting ready for the next busy spurt, this is an opportunity for you to make more money. Your employees will like that the time goes by faster and that they are generating more tips as well.

While you shouldn't take these slow periods of time personally if your business is otherwise doing well, you shouldn't just allow it to continue either. Hire on some additional employees though to help you prepare for the additional people that will be coming in. Rather than one waitress between the lunch and dinner crowds you may need two or even three.

You may be surprised to learn how many people will be influenced to go out to eat when they can save money at it. If you offer lower prices during set hours between lunch and dinner you better be ready for a large crowd to walk in looking for them. However, that is the idea behind all of this so just make sure you are ready for it.

Many people go to a restaurant that serves alcohol after work to unwind. You can offer specials from 5 pm to 7 pm in order for them to get drinks at half price. You can also allow them to buy one and get one free. A bucket of beers with a great appetizer off the menu at a special price is a great offer as well.

Parents love to save money when it comes to going out to eat with their children. If you can offer free meals for the kids under a certain age during particular hours you will find more of them coming in. They may really need a break from cooking but their budget can't handle too much.

Don't be afraid that these types of offers are going to cost you money. Take the time to really crunch the numbers. You will soon discover that these types of offers are going to get you more repeat business than ever before. It will allow you to benefit from all of the hours of operation instead of just particular ones.

You may need to try a couple of different approaches to discover what will work well in your restaurant. You can be sure though that these methods will get more customers into your restaurant between meal times. As a result you are going to have a more successful restaurant than before.
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