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Practical Affiliate Marketing Tips

Feb 7, 2008
Affiliate marketing is such a buzz right now that you can easily lose sight of the essentials. It is important to stick to the basics and keep your concepts simple. Remember that of all affiliate income accrues to just 1 of all affiliate marketers. The super affiliates got there through discipline and single mindedness. They work hard and work smart. Bells and whistles are not for them. So how can you sharpen your affiliate marketing skills and join the quiet and wealthy ranks of the super affiliates?

Truly successful affiliate marketers have their own websites. The so called affiliate marketers who simply advertise info products and direct buyers to other sites cannot be considered true affiliate marketers. This is because by simply advertising other peoples sites and taking a fee you are in no position to build a customer base. With a website you can capture visitors and email addresses, follow up on them and create brand awareness for your affiliate companies. Your opt in email list becomes a valuable asset. Economies of scale also come into play through having your own website. You can sell more affiliate products because you don't have to market one link at a time. Instead you market the whole web site and all its pages with all the various products related to your theme.

When it comes to affiliate products many amateur affiliate marketers are like children in the candy store. All the products look so wonderfully appealing that they choose more to market than they can handle effectively. Rather take time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the products and the associated affiliate information and choose those to which you think you can really commit. Limit yourself to a certain number of programs and stick to this number. Later when things are running smoothly with your existing programs and you feel you can handle more, then cherry pick additional programs. Rather start with too few than too many.

Remember that by affiliating with a product you are in fact endorsing it. What better reason do you need for getting to know your affiliates products intimately? Zero in on your affiliate programs and get to know everything there is to know about them. Treat them as if they were your very own products, which in a sense they are as your affiliate income is inextricably linked to them. Knowing all you can about these products will also enhance the content of your website relating to these products.

The trick of affiliate marketing is never to let up, to keep going, to hang in there. In that sense it has everything in common with succeeding in every walk of life. Affiliate marketing does require consistent work and you might go through phases when you feel you cant go on. Just stick to your products, your sites and persevere until you are getting natural traffic and your business is established. Any business takes a long time to establish yet many affiliates give up or start hopping from program to program before the products have had a chance.
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