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Turn Someone's Tanning Salon Nightmare Into Your Dream Come True

Feb 8, 2008
A tanning salon that didn't work out may be your business opportunity. There is an array of reasons why that business didn't work out for the previous owner. Your job is to evaluate what all those reasons are. Some of them such as poor customer service and poor equipment you can take care of. Others such as the location you may not be able to readily change.

A tanning salon has to be easily accessible in order to do well. Customers want to be able to go tan before work, at lunch, and after work. They don't want to spend a great deal of time traveling to the location. If the building is being leased it is possible for you to move the equipment to a new location though.

One of the leading reasons why any business closes is due to the competition. You need to find out who all is offering tanning services. What are their strengths? What can you offer that they don't? What services do they offer? How much do they charge for those services? You may want to walk in posing as a customer to see what is going on as part of their daily operations.

The equipment in the establishment may be old and outdated. As a result you may need to invest in new tanning equipment. This can be a very expensive prospect, but one that is necessary to get the customers walking into the business. Many consumers want to take advantage of the sunless tanning booths as well as those that offer UV rays.

Of course the amount of money you have to invest in the business is going to be a large factor. Get a good estimate of any necessary repairs. You also need to get an estimate for changes you wish to make. You should have money put aside for emergency repairs as well. You may end up with a water leak or power problems that need to be resolved quickly.

Back to the issue of advertising - you may have the best tanning salon in town but people have to know about it. Don't be afraid to get creative with your advertising strategies. Be proud of the business you have to offer them. People love something of value so give them a free tanning session or a discount. This will get them in and once they see how it is operating they will likely come back on their own.

You may have hit the jackpot when you find an affordable tanning salon that didn't work for someone else. Your ability to find out why it failed as well as to have the skills to do better is essential. As a tanning salon business, service is very important on all levels. Don't get yourself involved in the many pitfalls of this type of business.

The good news though is that tanning salons are very popular business locations. People love to look great without having to spend a great deal of time in the sun. If you weigh the pros and cons of this type of business opportunity you just may discover it holds the key to your personal and financial freedom.
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About the author: Betty P Davis writes about the business of personal pampering. She investigates changes and trends and documents what works (and what doesn't) when opening a day spa or getting involved in the tanning salon business.
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