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Web Hosting And E-Commerce

Feb 8, 2008
What is E-Commerce? Basically put, E-Commerce are transactions involving the transactions of products or services online and can be divided into various categories; virtual shop fronts, B2B (business to business) buying and selling and much more.

How could it improve my business? After you have built up your website you can effectively make money in seconds.

Having an online shop or using ecommerce with your website means you can accept money 24/7, even while you sleep.

You can accept a variety of payment options, PayPal, credit cards, as well as the more conventional methods of checks and money orders.

In short, ecommerce opens you to a plethora of new options ultimately geared towards earning money. Impulse buyers are a website shop owners dream, something which isn't so easily achieved by those who accept only checks and money orders.

Those same impulse buyers that realize they can make purchases; pay quickly and receive quickly because of your payment system will very likely think about returning to purchase from you when it's time to buy more of the same product.

What is a dedicated server? Most web hosts offer you web hosting which is given from a shared server.

That is, a server that other paying customers also use, and this can have its pitfalls which include traffic bottlenecking and other important security issues.

Given that this same web host will be effectively helping you deal with your money, maybe it isn't so wise a move to choose hosting on a shared server.

A dedicated server however, is a completely different ballgame. There are no other websites sharing the same server as you, so no real security issues and no possibility of traffic issues, that server is effectively "yours" for as long as you rent it; completely dedicated to your business and you.

Why is it better to have one for ecommerce? As outlined briefly above, e-commerce is a very security conscious based business.

It is the portal through which you handle the money you earn from products/services you sell, so it's extremely important you keep as "tight a ship" as possible, it's your money and you want it to stay that way!

There are opportunistic people out there with less than the normal share of morals, and they WILL stoop to underhand tactics to compromise what is rightfully yours.

The only way you can be truly confident that your money, business and reputation is completely safe is by relying on a dedicated server, something that is there for you and you alone.

Dedicated servers also offer more storage space, more bandwidth for data transfer and more software and script options.

A dedicated server is great for all of the reasons outlined above, but there is a negative side to it too and this is the cost.

It doesn't come cheap to have a server dedicated completely to your needs, if you take a moment to consider that depending on the provider, a shared server can accommodate up to 1000 accounts at one time, it needs to be worth their while to dedicate a full one just for you.

However, prices are not "that" expensive. A cheap dedicated server to start you off can cost less than $1000.
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