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New Trends For Internet Marketing

Feb 8, 2008
The marketing world has been evolving faster than most people can track. Marketers scramble to learn what consumers want and how to reach the consumer and make a sale. A report released by the global ad agency identifies some shifts that will drive consumer thinking and behavior in the coming years.

Blue is the New Green

Advertising is taking a new direction with their 'Blue is the New Green.' No one is bragging that they are green anymore. Now they are advertising how Blue they are. Green meant environmentally friendly, or a company that focused on being eco-responsible. Blue means being focused on climate change with special concern for the sea and sky - both blue.

The blue trend is starting to take over the advertising world. It is becoming a brand as identifiable as Niki and Coke. These products are not renowned because of their qualities as a product, but because of the emotions and ideals of freedom or society/peace associated with them.

Demography is Dead

The world is an ever changing place. At one time a business could focus on people, how they acted, and predict what they want. Today's consumers do not want to be told what they want. Even though society is influenced by the media, consumers are learning to make their own choices.

One difference in today's economic community is the social aspect.

Today's consumers trust themselves more than trade magazines, commercials, or web sites. Testimonials from strangers are worthless.

Tele-seminars where they are told what to do and how to do it no longer work. Today the consumers want to talk to the business owner. They want to read their blog, reply to their forum posts, and meet them in a chat group.

Over the next decade, the possible evolution of age, gender, marital status, family composition, work status and health will grow too complex for demographic pigeonholing. Marketers will be forced to on behavioral targeting and segmentation rather than ages, incomes, and number of kids or cars the consumer owns.

The death of the demography is the result of high birth rate and high death rates to low birth and death rates. It is the natural progression of an industrial country whose product is something tangible that can be traded to a lifestyle economy which focuses more on intangible products.

Instant Gratification

At time people wanted something now. They wanted mass produced items they could buy now. In the past it was easy to offer something new, a quick fix, at the lowest price. Today's marketers are creating products that are more expensive, custom made, one of a kind, but they are requiring a commitment. This trend is growing, but it will take a while to become wide spread.

The web has been following this trend for several years now. The creation of Social Networking and the Content Management System has made it easier for business owners to create a 'brand' website and build customer loyalty.

Customers are learning to find one or two networks to trust. Those who continue to flit usually end up scammed or so frustrated they quit. The important thing about loyalty is that the customer must have a reason to be loyal. You cannot sell loyalty. No customer will pay for the privilege of learning whether you are worth their loyalty. Instead, they want the proof first, then they will buy.

Cooperative Consumption

Small business and work at home businesses are surprised to see this as a trend. They have been working under mentors, sharing everything from their office space to their resources, and pooling both their experience and assets for ten years.

Consumers are now sharing. The ideal of sharing a car began almost thirty years ago. Today it is becoming a popular eco-friendly trend. Women are sharing everything from designer handbags and art.

Fighting Disease

The world is taking a pro-active responsibility for their health. Business and marketers are picking up on the trends. Preventing everything from high blood pressure to rheumatoid arthritis are becoming a routine part of our lives.

Children take hand wipes to school. Cleaning the office now includes killing bacteria and eliminating allergens, not just making things look clean.

The wellness industry is opening up unlimited opportunities for small businesses. Not only can businesses help people take care of their health, but as people grow older, business will need to find better ways to take care of an aging population.
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