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How To Generate Sales Leads Using Google Adwords

Feb 8, 2008
Want more sales leads from potential customers who are searching online for what you sell? Yes, then this article is going to get you started.

This article is an introduction and overview to using Google AdWords to generate sales leads online.

Google AdWords is probably the fastest way to get in front of your potential customers when they're looking for what you sell.

The process works like this:

You put a free giveaway on your website and require your visitors to register before gaining access for your free giveaway. When your visitors register you're gaining a lead and they're gaining your free valuable giveaway. It's a win-win situation.

Put your offer on your website. Sign up for Google AdWords, create an ad that promotes your offer, choose a few keywords that are relevant to your offer, in your ad put the URL of the page on your website that contains your offer.

The Four Steps to Using Google AdWords to Generate Leads for Your Business.

1. Giveaway something of real value on your website (Lead Generation Magnet). Your potential customers are searching for something of value. They want demos, trials, how-to-guides, etc. They want something of value right now.

2. Put your free giveaway on a page on your website (landing page). This page should have a headline clearly calling out the main benefit of your free giveaway then a paragraph or two describing your giveaway then 3-5 benefit driven bullet points, then a registration form where you ask for name, email, phone number (you have more fields in your registration form, the fewer requirements the more leads you'll generate in general). Keep your landing page simple, few navigational elements. Remember your goal is to get your visitors to fill out your registration form.

3. Setup a Google AdWords account. Now that you have a Google AdWords account you'll need to choose a few keywords and write an ad to promote your free giveaway. When writing your ad be sure to promote your giveaway the best that you can. You also want to make sure that you set the "destination" URL of your ad to be that of the landing page you created in step 2. Choose keywords related to your giveaway.

4. Use Google's free conversion tracking code. After someone registers on your landing page you'll have a page that appears (thank you page) this page will contain your free giveaway for download. Place Google's conversion tracking code in the HTML code of this page so that you can measure how many leads you're generating.

What to do Next:

By following these 4 steps you'll be well on your way to generating more sales leads for your business. Your overall success depends on how well you monitor your adwords account and make improvements over time. Do not just setup your account and let it run.
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