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Are Presuppositions Sneaky?

Feb 8, 2008
A student of mine recently called me out on an example of presupposition I used wherein I used the relationship between a student and teacher to illustrate my point. She suggested (nicely) that maybe my use of the student/teacher relationship was a little sneaky and maybe I was trying to persuade my students.

I get this a lot. People find out I'm in the persuasion business and they assume I am attempting to persuade them, no matter what the situation. I've definitely had some struggles with this for many years. People feel they can't trust my sincerity because, 'After all, he's one of the top persuasion experts in the world. . . isn't he trying to persuade me?'

I used to get upset about this until finally I realized people are going to believe what they want to believe.

I am always genuinely myself. And I've done my best to stay un-jaded. My intention, at all time, is to operate with integrity and not to work with ulterior motives.

Ulterior is what lies beyond what is obvious, evident and apparent. This can be framed as negative, especially if the motive is deceptive or concealed, but ulterior motives don't have to be sneaky.

When an ulterior motive is supportive, I have no problem with that. An ulterior motive, in a sense, is behind the scenes. If I were to use skills to help people to stay involved with me, provided that I'm really giving them value, I find no problem with that whatsoever.

To my student who is so suspicious, I say that I know the people I work with are gaining great insight and value whether I persuade them to work with me or not. I would suggest, you will find the same is true for you.

It is kind of a humorous topic so I thought I would show you a little bit about the inside workings of my mind, how I've dealt with some of those kind of things and how it affects me.

Early in my persuasion training, I would ask the people I was studying with if they were using their persuasion skills on me. I asked them to see how they were making their decisions.

It doesn't mean I'm actively attempting to do it, though I know full well that my intention is to not only provide information but entertainment. Not only information and entertainment, but longevity for my clients and me to be work together.

My intention is to to help and help and help some more. As long as that is understood then I feel really fulfilled and I believe this is something you might want to look at in your own life because it will come up from time to time and it's helpful to have thought it through so that you know what your views are on the subject.
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