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Want To Cut Your Advertising Bills? Here's How

Feb 8, 2008
It's easier than you think to reduce what you pay for advetising.

All you have to do is follow these suggestions:

Don't believe everything you see in print. Next time an ad rep shows you the rate sheet, keep in mind that these prices are usually flexible. The sales person usually has the power to go off the rate sheet if you are ready to wheel and deal.

Some media outlets will trade advertising for things they want in exchange for advertising. When I sold ads for a local independently owned newspaper years ago, I got my first computer that way. I did a three-way deal: the publisher got some equipment, the business owner got advertising and I got a computer as my commission.

If you can get other business owners to join with you to buy a large newspaper ad space, you can divide it up and pay less per individual ad. As an example, a whole page might cost $1,200 while a quarter page costs $400. If you buy the whole page, a 1/4 page now costs $300.

If you sell a brand-name product, chances are they have a co-op program. This means that if you run an ad that features their product, they will pay a portion of the cost. Check with your vendors to learn more.

Use a media buyer. These are people who specialize in buying ads and making good deals. Find them on the web. Please keep in mind that you must have a decent budget to interest them. But if you do, they can save you some bucks.

Once you have the permission of your customers and prospects you can send them all a weekly or monthly ezine that includes product info, new product releases, tips and just generally help people to know you better. Do not send unsolicited emails to anyone.

Send a press release to the media. If they like the story idea about you or your business, they will interview you and run the story for free. Another advantage is that publicity has more credibility than an ad.

Not all of these tactics will work for everyone in every situation, but using just one or two of them effectively can save you a lot of money.
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