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Get Those Photos Off Your Fridge & Onto An Easy Photo Sharing Website!

Feb 8, 2008
I love online photo sharing. It's fast, easy, and you can preserve your most precious memories for generations to come with just the click of a button. The funny thing is,
I got hooked while cleaning my refrigerator.

It may sound crazy, but it makes perfect sense. Honest!

A few weeks ago, as I was wiping down the sides, making sure everything was sparkling clean again, I glanced at all the photos that covered just about every square inch of the door, all stuck on with those little tiny magnets. (I don't know how this practice ever got started, but it really makes the kitchen look messy.)

Anyway, I saw this really great photo of me and my Mom. It was always one of my favorite memories. I must have been about four years old, but I remember it like it was yesterday. We were at the beach and I was covered in sand from head to toe . . . and loving every moment! I'll never forget how Mom with a smile a mile wide hugged me as we took the photo.

I thought that this would make the perfect addition to the scrapbook I was planning for Mom's 80th birthday. There was only one problem: The picture was faded and yellow and curled at the edges.

I was really upset with myself. How did I let this happen? All these photos represented great times and great memories and here they were getting all soiled and smudged.

I had heard about these easy photo sharing services on the web, but I never really thought much of them one way or another.

But now I had a good reason. I quickly realized that not all photo sharing sites are the same. I chose on that didn't make me jump through all sorts of registrations hoops. And I quickly realized that still others just want to sell you some prints. For me, it was all about sharing memories. Period.

I'm not a computer whiz, but and faster than I ever dreamed possible, all my photos were uploaded and stored safely forever!

Another thing I learned . . . there are several sites that offer free photo hosting which is great if you're on a budget like me. Don't worry, whatever problems you think you'll have . . . well, they're all easily resolved. I have basically no software or artistic skill whatsoever and it made difference at all! You'll go from camera to web in a matter of minutes and be forever connected with the people you love.

Before easy photo sharing, the only thing we had to keep us in touch was a telephone. Now we all can reach out and touch someone - or everyone - sharing the laughter and the fun! For me, it was such an inspiration that I sprinted down to my basement, got out that old shoebox with hundreds of terrific photos and started scanning. I knew what I was doing was not only for myself but for my entire family . . . and for my grandkids waiting to be born!

Let's face it. Prints are great. But by the time you take the photos and they receive them in the mail, it could take longer than you want! Now when I send an email photo, it's instant. And I always assured of an instant reply. And there's nothing better than sharing memories with your friends and family. It helps you grow closer.
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CJ Carroll has written articles for a variety of clients, including Hoorray, a new website for easy photo sharing and easy photo printing.
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