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Pay Attention To These 3 Elements For Ultimate Adwords Success!

Feb 9, 2008
If you're not paying attention to these 3 elements on a daily basis your AdWords campaigns could be suffering.

The 3 most critical elements of your AdWords campaigns.

1.) Keywords - You need the right keywords and enough of them to effectively reach your potential customers.

2.) Ads - Your advertisements must be written so that your potential customers want to click on them. What benefits are your potential customers looking for? What benefits does your offer contain?

3.) Landing Pages - Design landing pages on a proven layout. Your landing pages should have one goal and one goal only, get your visitor to take your call to action.

Look at how your keywords are performing daily. You do not want to spend money on Keywords that are generating clicks but no conversions. Clicks cost money and you want to put your money towards keywords that convert.

If you're using AdWords to generate sales leads then track how well each of your keywords are converting to leads.

You can save yourself a lot of hard earned money by deleting the keywords that aren't generating sales or sales leads. You should also use "keyword matching" options with all of your keywords. You can read about keyword matching here - http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=6100

On a daily basis you should track how well your ads are performing by measuring your Click-Through-Ratio (CTR). In general the higher your CTR the better your ad is performing. The most simple way to get a higher CTR is to write your ads in a way that tells the searcher what he/she wants to see. You're probably saying, if it were that simple my ads would already have a high CTR!

Split test your ads to increase your CTR's. Google gives you the ability to split test your ads right in your AdWords account. After creating an ad you'll see a link where you can create a "new variation" of your ad. Create 2 ads and let Google split the traffic between them. After 30 clicks or so on each ad you can go to www.splittester.com and enter some data and this tool will tell you which ad is going to be the winner. Delete the looser ad and immediately create a new one to start your split test all over again. (make sure that you check the box in your AdWords settings to "rotate" your ads and not "optimize" your ads or the split test feature will not work.)

Once you have a winning ad delete the loser ad and create a new one to start your split test all over again. You want to run split tests on your ads for the life your campaigns, don't stop!

Your landing pages should be built with conversion in mind. You want your visitors to take your call to action and not to navigate to another page on your site or go back to Google and search again. Follow proven landing page designs and you'll find better conversion rates.

Here's Google's guidelines for building landing pages - http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=46675

If you want more success with AdWords follow the 3 points in this article every day.
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