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Read This To Help Decide About An Mlm Company

Feb 9, 2008
I know this will help in your research in determining a company that you can be proud to represent and work along with.

This is not some of the same old stuff you hear about why MLM and for most people it doesn't work

It seems as though the only people making money were the people at the top of the pyramid. People with large dowlines and have been in the business a long time with lists of thousands of people to market or sell to.

For the newcomer just joining, good luck to you. I watched a stay at home mom put $10,000 into a business only to quit within a year or so later.

Most of us are smarter than that and would have probably quit after a few months and maybe only losing $1000, but this person was persistent and did not want to fail. So she kept plugging away until all the money was gone.

Some people actually believe however, MLM is the way to go. I have met some people over the years that would swear by it. I've heard of a few people who make over $100k a year working their mlm program.

The unfortunate part about it is that they were the only one making the real money. No one on their team was duplicating what they were doing. Weather they were selling vitamins,lotions,candles or juice beverage products, I have tried it all and it with no sucess.

I eventually ran out of leads, so I started buying leads in hopes to try to convert some people into my business. Once I ran out of friends, family and even the neighbors there was no one else to bug about my new business.

I could never make it to the next big payout level of the commission plan. I did not have a balance on either side of the scale so I would miss out on the big payouts, month after month. Sure I made sales, but by the time I got to the next profit level, the people who I brought in 2-3 months ago probably was no longer there.

A direct sales company that pays you 100% of the sale is the best thing we have found on the internet to work for most people.

Companies that have a price point of less than $1000 to start. This is the only way you have a chance to succeed. Beware of the $1500 to $5000 programs to get started.

Start ups have no track record, that's the truth about them. You have no idea if they will be in business one year or so on. Beware of people who jump and move every time a new program is introduced on the internet.

Programs that cost more than $1000.00 are hard and so difficult to sell no matter how good it sounds so most importantly, be careful.
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