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Euro Pallet Advantages

Feb 9, 2008
European importers often ask American suppliers to ship their products on europallets.

American companies usually have not heard of the euro pallet type and do not know that europallets are the most common industrial pallet standard in the European Union. Below are six different advantages that the euro pallet type delivers to companies in the European supply chain.

First the euro pallet type has a value in Europe even if it is used. Local pallet recyclers will buy back used euro pallets from companies who no longer have a use for them, because the pallet is designed for reuse.

The euro pallet is highly functional within European supply chains. European warehousing and logistics companies have automated material handling systems that often accept only genuine, officially inspected and repaired euro pallets. Companies with these systems incur significant costs and delays when they must transfer products from an American pallet type on to the euro pallet type. Shipments of high-value and/or hazardous goods such as chemicals, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals are often processed at such advanced facilities in Europe using the europallet.

Moreover, American stringer pallets often cause costly disposal fees for European importers because of European Union's Packaging Waste Reduction Laws, which levy expensive disposal taxes on pallets that cannot be reused. Euro pallets are exchangeable and built to be repaired, and therefore are not subject to these taxes until they reach the end of their lifecycle.

Euro pallets are strictly regulated. The non-profit European Pallet Association (EPAL) regulates the construction and repair of Euro pallets worldwide, ensuring uniform quality standards for long-term, safe reuse.

Euro pallets are also one of only six pallet types recognized by the International Organization for Standardization.

Lastly, real quality controlled and inspected euro pallets carry a number based marking system that allows users an easy way to pick out fake euro pallets and confirm if the europallets were manufactured by a licensed company. These measures help keep up the quality of all europallets found in the market. Companies caught manufacturing fake euro pallets or even shipping goods on falsely marked euro pallets are subject to severe criminal and civil prosecution in the European Union.
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If you want additional detailed facts about europallets, download a free slide show about the euro pallet type. Or, you are welcome to contact author Ron Wood to find out additional about euro pallets.
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