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How To Cash In On Pay Per Click Without Spending A Dime

Feb 9, 2008
If you want real visibility but don't want the hassle of paying top dollar for PPC listen up - there is a quick solution. Its easy to forget that there is literally unlimited real estate when it comes to marketing yourself on the Internet. That means endless pages of sales copy, video testimonials and many more ways to get the customers attention.

If you were to compare prices then it is a no brainier - online marketing wins every time. You couldn't afford to run multiple full page ads in a niche periodical without feeling the burn of high costs. Even though you can run all of your teaser sales copy online I am surprised at how stingy business owners are when it comes to self promotion. Instead of embracing the idea of wide open spaces I see a lot of business people rewriting over the same five pages. This defeats the purpose of creating real brand awareness on the web.

Give The People What They Want

I am often surprised at the great contrast of aggressiveness on the PPC side as opposed to your standard web pages. Many people forget to put their selling messages into the title of their pages. A consistent mistake I see a lot of business owners make is to brand every web page with the same information, (EX: Welcome To Fisher's Air Conditioning Systems). Not only is this a dumb thing to do but it also offers nothing to the surfing consumers who could be visiting your site.

Your customer wants to see something for free. Information is the number one thing people are looking for. Remember to sell the sizzle but not the steak. PPC ads sell a lot of sizzle because they don't have enough online real estate to do much else. There is a very tight formula that they must stick with. You must remember to do something similar on your own pages.

I was going through a weekend issue of USA Today and smiled as I hit the classified section. Every Friday I can count on many businesses opting for my attention. Some of the ads are very believable and all of them are incredibly blunt. They get right to the point about what they want to say and they manage to put in a call to action in under 5 lines of copy. I must add too that these are very short ads.

Create Grabbers

Encourage people to steal from you. Put white papers and downloadable content that people can outright pick up and steal. Post articles on your site and encourage people to come and take a look at them. Allow people to steal the whole article and place them on their sites. Create in roads to your order page by creating an elaborate web of online traffic. This is something that you can actually control. It is very time consuming so make sure you know what you want.

Joe Vitale has said to look up under keyword searches and find out what is popular. Then based on that you can create ebooks and white papers to draw traffic to your site. Now there is an art to doing this and you will need to learn a few key things about search engine optimization, (SEO) before you actually do it. But this is a pretty interesting strategy. Think of the many ways you can create a steady flow of the right kinds of people to your site.

Online ebooks are fairly simple to make and you can create a considerable flow of visitors with the right bait. This is going to take a little finesse on your part. Remember that people hate to read and they like a lot of visuals. You can use embedded audio and video in your ebooks and private web pages. Take advantage of the fact that people have 1/3 of their brain dedicated to audio and visual learning. You can take this to a new height with niche focused content and material.

You can still get the attention that a typical PPC ad can bring by changing your approach. This is a powerful strategy that you can employ in your online campaign. Creating prospect funnels to your site is art form. You have to know what they might want to grab. You can make your content enticing by giving it away for free. I like to use a lead capturing device on these types of sites. In addition to getting information you will want to make sure there is an automated responder tied into this function. This alerts the customer and lets them know you are paying attention to them.
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