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Think of it Like Dating

Feb 9, 2008
Successful marketing is a process of building a relationship of value and trust through a series of sequenced-steps.

Think of it like dating. You would never ask someone to marry you on the first date, would you? Please, I hope not!

Marketing is like dating. You go on several dates to explore the possibility of starting a relationship. There is a sequence of steps in really getting to know a person.

So too with great marketing. The purpose then, is to get people to take a series of sequenced steps with you learning more about your expertise along the way and trusting more and more that you have the best service to offer them.

Here's An Example:

Recently I took my BMW into a nearby dealership to have minor repairs done. As I pulled my car into their valet area, a man greeted me before I could even step out of my car saying, "A technician will be right with you. In the meantime would you just fill out your name and phone number on this form?"

Before I had the form completed the technician steps up and greets me, asking what my car's up to? Since, it's a small matter, they offer to fix it while I wait in the reception area with big screen TVs. I am offered bottled water and/or coffee.

A few minutes later a man comes in and tells me it will be less than $200 in repairs and I give him the ok to proceed. Less than 30 minutes later, the same man greets me with, "Your car is ready." I asked for my bill, to which he replied, "There is no charge for today."

I LOVE this dealership by now!

As I am walking out, I hear another customer service man telling a customer, "Though your warranty has recently expired, we handled the repairs today at no charge to you." I drive away an ecstatic client.

Later, I am telling a friend the story of such exceptional service, mentioning, "When I am ready to buy a new car, there is no where else to go but back to this dealership. I feel obligated."

You see, with every sequenced-step of service this dealership offers its customers, they can take their results to the bank and they know it - it's only a matter of time.

It's no wonder the woman who owns this company has been written up in Fortune Magazine. There is a thing called the Law of Reciprocity which states that when you give first, people feel obligated to return the favor--often giving more in return. There is an unconscious need to even the score.

In marketing, statistics say that it takes at least 9, some even say 11 times, of reaching out to your prospects and customers before they will feel the urge to buy from you. When you combine the Law of Reciprocity with the Law of Repetition--now you have a powerful combination on your hands to increase your relationship-building opportunities and shorten your selling cycle.

So how can you combine both laws in your business to increase your revenues and sales results? You can start by giving people more value each time you reach out to them. Ask them what they need and want, and then give it to them in sequenced steps that lead them to becoming raving fans and life-long customers.

To Your Ultimate Success!
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