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Use Social Bookmarking Sites to Enhance Your Articles

Feb 9, 2008
Social bookmarking sites are huge. They continue to gain momentum as websites gravitate towards Web 2.0. People are looking for interactive sites where they can contribute, make friends and find recommendations for websites.

How Social Bookmarking Sites Work

The idea behind these social web pages is for people to create a place that feels like home where they return time and time again. You create a face page that shows off your personality and tells others a little something about you. Once you set up your page, you make all of your sites available to this single page. It is a way to endorse the websites you use the most and advertise the ones you trust. From a more practical standpoint, it is just easier to have all of these bookmarks in one place.

So your page is set up. It's friendly and professional. It showcases who you are and what your interests are. Now what? Here comes the social part of it. Stay with me on this. Using a bookmarking site isn't exactly like entering a party without a girl on your arm. This isn't junior high and you won't be the social misfit. Trust me on this one.

All it means is that you can use the search tools to find other people using the same site. You can find people like relatives, friends, people you knew a long time ago and even meet new people. Heck, you don't even need to be that social to participate. Keep it totally professional if you want.

The important thing is that you get out there and exchange friendship links with other people on the social bookmarking sites to enhance your articles. You might be asking, "How does this help enhance my articles?" The answer is simple: free advertising. Social bookmarking sites allow you to do whatever you want on your face page. Adding several links to your own webpage is not against the rules. So go ahead and do it. Then when you exchange pages with someone else, they will see your links and so will anyone who opens their page.

How to Generate Interest in Your Articles with Social Bookmarking Sites

Being active on social but marking sites means being part of an online community. You'll visit regularly and send out friend requests. It'll take time to build your personal face page, but it's worth the effort. Ensure you develop a page that is both professional and friendly. This is how to establish yourself as an expert.

The bonus of using social bookmarking site is the freedom you have:

* The freedom to choose what you want to showcase.
* The freedom to endorse who you want to endorse.
* The freedom to place links where you want to place them.
* The freedom to post as many pictures as you'd like.

You don't have to spend endless hours on bookmarking sites for them to have an effect on your articles. The most time consuming part in setting up your page in the beginning. Once you have completed that, all you have to do is update it and make a few friend requests. Encourage your friends and family to bookmark your site, too, so you get more exposure from the beginning.
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