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Wealth Is Created in The Giddy Up, Not the Saddle Up!

Feb 9, 2008
This past week I purchased a Mac Pro, and am so excited about all the bells and whistles it has for creating extraordinary multi-media training programs. I was nervous at first to make the shift, but became more excited as a dear friend and Mac expert began setting up my new systems and showing me the ropes. I admit several times this week I found myself heading back to my old computer when I needed to "get something out quickly" because it felt more comfortable and familiar.

Getting out of our comfort zones is often the hardest step, yet the most important step for us as entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to move to the next level of success. It is easy to saddle up, but the giddy up comes when we step out of our comfort zones and take new actions to grow ourselves and our businesses.

If we want to take our business to the next level, it is important to distinguish the difference between "saddle up and giddy up." In working with many speakers, authors and coaches coaching them to the next level of success, I often notice many tasks they love to do are defined as "saddling up."

They want to attend another seminar, or read another book before they actually start. They will often start another project before completing the previous project. Many have spent years getting ready to get ready to get ready.

Want to increase your results, generate more income, or create more personal free time? Then determine the top 3 strategic "giddy up" actions you must take this week.

Here are 5 key questions to help you determine your best strategic actions:

1. What marketing do I need to implement that will generate the most revenues and results for my business?
2. What actions am I doing that keep me busy, but don't yield a return on my investment of time and money?
3. What are my "First Money First" actions that I must take this week to grow my business?
4. What do I know to do, which will improve my business, that I am not doing?
5. What actions do I commit to do this week to expand my comfort zone and move me closer to my desired goals?

In order to achieve more, it requires us to move into unfamiliar territory in order to create new patterns of success. It isn't easy, but it is always worth it in the end when we achieve our new goals. A wise person once said, "To get something better we must do something different."

Yes, switching from a PC computer to a Mac is uncomfortable for me right now, but the rewards in the end are well worth the extra effort. Time to stop saddling up. . .and just giddy up!
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