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There Is FBI Files On Everyone

Feb 9, 2008
There are numerous secret agencies all around the world that we do not know about for one reason or the other. Most of them are somehow related with the government and are employed to secretly keep us little people protected from worldwide terrorists and threats. Out of all the different agencies that help protect us, the FBI is the most well known and most used agency among everyday people. There are countless FBI agents all around the world that we have no idea about. Your neighbor next door may very well be an FBI agent you donīt know about. Take for instance Mulder and Scully from the X-Files, they belonged to the FBI agency and many of their friends didn't know they were FBI agents. In addition to not knowing who many FBI agents are, we also donīt know about the FBI files they have on almost everyone that walks the face of the Earth.

Many people do not realize that there are FBI files on them. These FBI files may also contain information that they didn't even know existed on them. It isn't a secret that many different agencies track our everyday movements, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that they have files on us. FBI files are used and documented in order to have all relative information ready for the right intelligence in case something happens involving you. Take for instance a situation where you are robbing a bank. Maybe you have a clean criminal record because something didn't appear on that record or maybe you were a juvenile when something happened and didn't record on other documents. A FBI will show stuff that no other record database will tell you. So if you are robbing a bank, the FBI can pull up your FBI file and see that yo have a clean criminal record and also see that you were convicted of stealing money from a convenient store. Basically, a FBI will give more information to better intelligence.

FBI files are huge for many other reasons as well. As briefly mentioned earlier, the FBI is set in place to help protect us. They do a lot of intelligence work and are like the police as well. The FBI is a higher ranking official however. FBI files help FBI agents in numerous ways so that they can do their jobs more efficiently. When FBI agents do their jobs better, they better help protect the world from any serious happenings.

There are numerous databases that have different information about us. There is the criminal database, the marriage database, and numerous other ones. FBI files contain all this information and more. So the best advice anyone can ever give someone is to not do crime because the FBI will find you if you do. They have all your information in a little FBI file about you. If you donīt think there is a FBI file about you, well there is my good friend.
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