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Teleseminar Secrets: How To Build a 6-Figure Business While Becoming an Expert

Feb 9, 2008
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to develop creative content for a teleseminar, consider a public tele-critique. A tele-critique is a little something I invented about five years ago. During this unique type of teleseminar, you can critique something so others can learn from the critique and apply those lessons to themselves and their own personal work.

The word critique has several definitions, including "criticism or critical comment on some problem, subject, etc., the art or practice of criticism or to review or analyze critically." Many artists and writers are used to having their work critiqued by others in their field as a way to generate feedback and improve upon their work. We're doing the exact same thing, but the critique becomes the subject of the teleseminar.

This is another opportunity for you to use experts in a field to share information with your audience. Here's the way it works. You can critique something online like a website, a direct mail piece, a marketing plan or someone doing a presentation. It's no different than the critique we see on "Dancing With the Stars," only it's public and it's on a teleseminar.

I've seen coaches and consultants do this. I've seen Internet marketers do it. I've seen acting coaches do it. It's amazing what's possible.

If you were good at music and you were teaching a music composition course, you could have a public tele-critique with the other composer, your student. If you had a piece of art, you could have a critique teaching your other artists, your protege artists, through the critique. It is powerful, and it is all done through a teleseminar.

With the public tele-critique, you mute out the other participants and you show off your talent. You show off your knowledge base. The way you do it is by critiquing someone's work. Don't worry - they're not a sacrificial lamb. As the subject of the critique or case study, they are on stage, and they are learning invaluable lessons, so it's very beneficial to them.

It's also very beneficial to everyone who is listening because nine times of out ten they have encountered similar issues or questions or have made the same mistakes (but may be too embarrassed to say so or ask, which make these teleseminars even more valuable!) They may even learn how to avoid future mistakes and avoid going through the agony of them. In the end you are providing feedback that will ultimately help them to improve their final product, and everyone wins.

I like to do one or two critques - they typically take about two hours.

Because we have the World Wide Web, you can do this not only inexpensively, but practically free. Most people have access to Skype or a flat-fee telephone, meaning they don't pay anything extra for being on for four or five hours.

As you can see, it's not always necessary for you to provide original content all of the time. Remember that the tele-critique can help you create fast and easy content for successful teleseminars. It's very powerful.
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